snapshots and flesh casserole


Above, snapshot of the work in progress for the blogger meetup next month in Melbourne. Finally made a decision and it’s full steam ahead. It’ll be great to meet up with bloggers I’ve met before and  all the other crafty bloggers, it’ll be a crazy crafty fest. Yes, yes in the top left corner that is the yoyo WIP for the belated 40th, Gillian….it’s nearly there! I know, don’t hold your breath.

I’m looking forward to going back to Melbourne, though not looking forward to leaving S behind, she has to work, though it’s lucky for Spud no vaccination or cattery for him. Visiting old haunts like Babka (french toast to DIE for), Brunetti, Flinders Lane, Degraves, Brunswick Street, Fed Square and Borders. Also going to give Amitie a visit (it’s where the meetup’s being held) and also Patchwork, Zakkaya, the button store (flinders lane?) and MagNation. Anyone got other crafty, foody, interesting ideas/places for me to visit? Last visit to Melbourne was over 2 years ago and it’s over 6 years since I lived there.

The NEK as she’s know around these parts was AWESOME. Her voice is stunning live, the band are tight and Kelly Hogan, backup vocals, is hilarious and obviously can sing. The only downer? It was about 39°C (about 102F) and the Fly isn’t air conditioned. Nice….not, not when you’re standing and you can feel sweat running down your legs. At one point Kelly Hogan commented we looked like a flesh casserole. Aside from the heat Neko and the band were troupers and I’m so glad I finally got to see her play live.

Lastly, "just for you Liana" are the words I emailed when she kindly tagged me, "just this once" 😛 .

Six things not yet mentioned here…..

  1. Ummm I was a very shy, chubby child. Possibly from spending quite a lot of time from the age of birth until I was about 12 in and out of hospital with asthma.  I preferred books to people, you couldn’t get my head out of a book.
  2. I left high school at age 16, directionless, so I went to "secretary" school. I’ve been working fulltime since I was 18. For the past 10 year’s I’ve worked as a production manager in various graphic design businesses, self taught.
  3. I’m allergic to capsicum it gives me chronic indigestion.
  4. This is hard. Aaaah. I’m left handed but when I play sports involving a bat, I bat right handed.
  5. I played netball from the age of 12 until 20. Managed to play at competition level from the age 17 to 20. I’m no sporty woman, but I was a mean goal shooter.
  6. I laugh easily, too easily sometimes. I have one of those laughs that people comment on. I also laugh when I’m nervous or in awkward situations, often at inappropriate times.

Tagging….noone – go for it if you wanna play.

Hippo kitty and John the Baptist…

A belated Christmas gift for a dear friend…a friend who told me this morning at breakfast that she’s 4 months preggers!!! So excited for her.


Here we have Hippo Kitty. No, the hippo reference isn’t because of her waist size. Don’t be so rude. The details about the kitty, woollen body, the dress fabric is a Japanese import from Superbuzzy. The coolest hippo’s ever. Look at the hippo on the left with its little open mouth!!

Sorry, in a very silly mood here today. Australia Day public holiday tomorrow and I’m off to see NEKO CASE play live, YES IT DESERVES CAPS. I’m so excited I could pee. Kate and I have been emailing each other counting down sleeps like teenagers. I don’t think I can remember the last time I was so excited to see a live act. She’s playing at the Fly which is perfect for her. I so can’t wait to hear her sing.

harp ‘n craft

This Saturday I went to the first Harp ‘n Craft at the Art Gallery of WA on Saturday, organised by Clementine. It was excellent. Fantastic venue and a great group of women. Kate came along to decompress after a particularly busy week in a new job and she and I went to the Art Gallery shop for a squizz.  Chai, cake and lots of laughs, a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning.

All in all a great weekend. Visiting Gayle’s new pad, breakfast with Gillian and Paul, a little baking on Saturday afternoon in the new gas oven, dinner at Al and Wez’s on Saturday night, more laughs, playing a PS2 game and watching a flick. Sunday was snoozy and slow and just perfect. Hope you all had great weekend’s.



More pics here.


Hi ya’ll! Thought I’d better drop in. I’m here, just a little distracted by other life stuff at the moment. Hope you’re all well and getting into 2007 with a blast!

Our fearless leader over at WhipUp, Kath, has just launched a banner design competition for WhipUp’s first birthday. There is an excellent prize pack and your design will be featured at the site for a minimum of 6 months. Very cool. So get designing.

Crafty wise I’ve been chipping away at that overdue 40th birthday pressie and I think I broke it’s back this weekend. Phew! Also picking up socks in between.

I’m off to Melbourne for a whirlwind visit in February which I’m looking forward to. We’re having a crafty blogger meetup which has turned into a crafty blogger mobbing 😉 kidding, but I think there’s about 15 of us! So exciting to meet other crafty types. Al’s also flying in for the weekend and I can’t wait to get my mitts on squishy Pia.

I’ll leave you there, no pictures, sorry peeps, but more soon. Keep on crafting and loving. Also found via Kim this cool widget (I’m guessing it’s a widget), just going to trial it for now, let me know if you find it slows things down considerably.

Happy new year!

Well hi! Long time no visit. Finally come up for air and thought to myself "hmmm maybe you should blog". So here I am.

What’s been happening in my land? Lots and nothing. Make sense? I met someone…Christmas came and went. New Year’s was amazing and 2007 is shaping up to be a humdinger of a year. A friend has some very exciting news that I can’t share yet and well, at the moment I’m feeling "giddy", to quote Al M.

Oh, you read the "met someone" comment. Well not a lot of detail to share here yet, but let’s just say she’s amazing and the word smitten is being bandied around.

New Year’s day started off with some excellent french toast I made. My version. Buy a brioche loaf. Slice it up, whisk up a couple of eggs add a dash of milk, combine some caster sugar and cinnamon or your spices of choice (cloves would be yummy) and spinkle this on a plate. Heat up a fry pan or a sandwich press (I use a sandwich press). Dip the bread in the eggy mixture, then place bread on the sugar plate, do both sides. Then put the bread in the sandwich press and let it cook. The sugar caramelises a little and it’s all toasty and warm. You plate it with some maple syrup and maple soaked strawberries…what you don’t see here is the wicked addition of a dollop of fresh cream. DIVINE.


Craft wise….well a little sluggish with the craft at the moment. Working on socks and an overdue birthday gift. Al and I are starting to talk and think about BT4 which is exciting.

The Kim Family Auction is up and running, go on over and bid.

Finally, Spud says whatever you do in 2007, make sure it includes lots of napping.