Happy new year!

Well hi! Long time no visit. Finally come up for air and thought to myself "hmmm maybe you should blog". So here I am.

What’s been happening in my land? Lots and nothing. Make sense? I met someone…Christmas came and went. New Year’s was amazing and 2007 is shaping up to be a humdinger of a year. A friend has some very exciting news that I can’t share yet and well, at the moment I’m feeling "giddy", to quote Al M.

Oh, you read the "met someone" comment. Well not a lot of detail to share here yet, but let’s just say she’s amazing and the word smitten is being bandied around.

New Year’s day started off with some excellent french toast I made. My version. Buy a brioche loaf. Slice it up, whisk up a couple of eggs add a dash of milk, combine some caster sugar and cinnamon or your spices of choice (cloves would be yummy) and spinkle this on a plate. Heat up a fry pan or a sandwich press (I use a sandwich press). Dip the bread in the eggy mixture, then place bread on the sugar plate, do both sides. Then put the bread in the sandwich press and let it cook. The sugar caramelises a little and it’s all toasty and warm. You plate it with some maple syrup and maple soaked strawberries…what you don’t see here is the wicked addition of a dollop of fresh cream. DIVINE.


Craft wise….well a little sluggish with the craft at the moment. Working on socks and an overdue birthday gift. Al and I are starting to talk and think about BT4 which is exciting.

The Kim Family Auction is up and running, go on over and bid.

Finally, Spud says whatever you do in 2007, make sure it includes lots of napping.


20 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. sarah says:

    so lovely to hear you sounding so happy and smitten πŸ™‚ i too noticed with amusement that spud seems to well and truly to have claimed the footstool :))


  2. Miss Dot says:

    oh Spud I hear you! I have been doing WAY too much of that of late, in a funk. Sorry, have gone to ground so to speak. Re the love life, you go girl! nothing quite like the beginning of a relationship. All the best for the New Year.


  3. amisha says:

    that french toast looks gorgeous and delicious… must try with the good strawberries out right now… mmmm.
    how nice to be smitten at the new year! happy 2007 to you…


  4. Janine says:

    Had a good feeling that you had met someone! V Happy for you.
    I like Spuds advise and it is the 2nd bit of new year resolution stuff that I have seen in 2007 I could REALLY achieve! the other is on blackboard sign near a Cottesloe deli that reads: ‘Resolution for 2007: Eat MORE muffins’
    Hmm needless to say MORE Naps and Snacks is not what I need!


  5. di says:

    Happy new year to you too- I plan on taking Spud’s advice as often as possible πŸ™‚
    Mmmm must try your version next time I’m making French Toast:)


  6. kath says:

    Bet the other person is a smitten kitten too!
    Very best wishes for 2007.
    Looks like Spud advises naps AND yoga – simultaneously.


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