Hippo kitty and John the Baptist…

A belated Christmas gift for a dear friend…a friend who told me this morning at breakfast that she’s 4 months preggers!!! So excited for her.


Here we have Hippo Kitty. No, the hippo reference isn’t because of her waist size. Don’t be so rude. The details about the kitty, woollen body, the dress fabric is a Japanese import from Superbuzzy. The coolest hippo’s ever. Look at the hippo on the left with its little open mouth!!

Sorry, in a very silly mood here today. Australia Day public holiday tomorrow and I’m off to see NEKO CASE play live, YES IT DESERVES CAPS. I’m so excited I could pee. Kate and I have been emailing each other counting down sleeps like teenagers. I don’t think I can remember the last time I was so excited to see a live act. She’s playing at the Fly which is perfect for her. I so can’t wait to hear her sing.

11 thoughts on “Hippo kitty and John the Baptist…

  1. Jessica says:

    neko has really been hitting the spot for me lately. constant listening. she is a miracle. i have not seen her myself, but a friend of mine has had the pleasure many times and said that her voice is even more amazing in person. please let us know how it goes. have you seen neko’s website? it is perfect for her and her music.
    gorgeous kitty, by the way!


  2. lisa s says:

    i am SO GLAD that you are going to get to see neko. have a blast. at some point just close your eyes… it will be like her voice moves thru you… yay yay yay!!!


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