snapshots and flesh casserole


Above, snapshot of the work in progress for the blogger meetup next month in Melbourne. Finally made a decision and it’s full steam ahead. It’ll be great to meet up with bloggers I’ve met before and  all the other crafty bloggers, it’ll be a crazy crafty fest. Yes, yes in the top left corner that is the yoyo WIP for the belated 40th, Gillian….it’s nearly there! I know, don’t hold your breath.

I’m looking forward to going back to Melbourne, though not looking forward to leaving S behind, she has to work, though it’s lucky for Spud no vaccination or cattery for him. Visiting old haunts like Babka (french toast to DIE for), Brunetti, Flinders Lane, Degraves, Brunswick Street, Fed Square and Borders. Also going to give Amitie a visit (it’s where the meetup’s being held) and also Patchwork, Zakkaya, the button store (flinders lane?) and MagNation. Anyone got other crafty, foody, interesting ideas/places for me to visit? Last visit to Melbourne was over 2 years ago and it’s over 6 years since I lived there.

The NEK as she’s know around these parts was AWESOME. Her voice is stunning live, the band are tight and Kelly Hogan, backup vocals, is hilarious and obviously can sing. The only downer? It was about 39°C (about 102F) and the Fly isn’t air conditioned. Nice….not, not when you’re standing and you can feel sweat running down your legs. At one point Kelly Hogan commented we looked like a flesh casserole. Aside from the heat Neko and the band were troupers and I’m so glad I finally got to see her play live.

Lastly, "just for you Liana" are the words I emailed when she kindly tagged me, "just this once" 😛 .

Six things not yet mentioned here…..

  1. Ummm I was a very shy, chubby child. Possibly from spending quite a lot of time from the age of birth until I was about 12 in and out of hospital with asthma.  I preferred books to people, you couldn’t get my head out of a book.
  2. I left high school at age 16, directionless, so I went to "secretary" school. I’ve been working fulltime since I was 18. For the past 10 year’s I’ve worked as a production manager in various graphic design businesses, self taught.
  3. I’m allergic to capsicum it gives me chronic indigestion.
  4. This is hard. Aaaah. I’m left handed but when I play sports involving a bat, I bat right handed.
  5. I played netball from the age of 12 until 20. Managed to play at competition level from the age 17 to 20. I’m no sporty woman, but I was a mean goal shooter.
  6. I laugh easily, too easily sometimes. I have one of those laughs that people comment on. I also laugh when I’m nervous or in awkward situations, often at inappropriate times.

Tagging….noone – go for it if you wanna play.

6 thoughts on “snapshots and flesh casserole

  1. Miss Dot says:

    I was intrigue by the title and was wondering where the hell the flesh caserole was going to come in? I was thinking some craft/cooking accident? isn’t this heat unbearable? to hot to have the lap top on the lap top! Melbourne sounds fun!


  2. Becky says:

    I bat left handed, swing a golf club left handed and shoot a hockey stick left handed, but I’m right handed. Personally, I think that what I do is really right handed, and everyone else is messed up. 🙂


  3. sooz says:

    So happy for you about S 🙂
    Recommendations of places to visit over here? Oh lord where to start!!
    Wool Baa in Albert park for all knitty things
    Winterwood’s new store in Park Orchards for felt, wool rovings, toy making supplies and all kinds of other wild and wonderful natural crafty stuff. Gifts for children don’t get any better.
    GJ’s discount fabrics in East Brunswick for a huge variety of cheap fabric, patchwork supplies and also just across the road from Clegs for fabulous upmarket fabrics. Further down Lygon St is Blooms and rathdown remnants – the former for fully amazing bridal and specialty fabrics (great remnants sometimes) the later for occassional super cheap bonus finds like great patterned lycra, wool quilting and other bits and pieces. Lots of other cheap fabric shops in Sydney Rd if you feel like endless strolling and browsing.
    Melbourne semi precious for good beads and stones for jewellery making in the Century building in Swanston St(also home to Melbourne jewellery making supplies for catches, wire etc). I hear international beads in Smith St is pretty good too.
    And food?
    If you want a really good night out try Mini in town – a modern quality take on the traditional greek taverna.
    In Sydney Rd Brunswick try the relaxed Tom Phat for great contemporary Asian food (Som Tam and Baby snapper with tamarind and pineapple sauce drool drool)
    Also in town is a favourite of many, Cookie – also contemporary Asian – but very busy on Friday and Saturday nights
    If you want super flash and can get a booking, Ezard in Flinders Lane is an absolute treat, as is Mecca (in Southbank) and Mecca Bah (Docklands).
    At the other end of the spectrum you can have the best ever super cheap noodles and soups at the Carlton Chinese Noodle Cafe just off Lygon St Carlton. I’ve been eating here off the same menu since I was a pre-schooler and it is exactly the reliably same.
    I come from a family of foodies I could go on for ever. Email me if you’d like some recommendations by locality or specific cuisine!


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