Well hello there! It’s been about 14 days since my last post! Hope you’re all well. Melbourne was fun. Though I admit to missing The S and being a bit of a girl about it. However catching up with old friends Al and Di and meeting new friends like Jo, Sooz and Suse was a blast. Getting to squish Pia was also lovely, she’s a gorgeous little bebe, so squishy and sweet. Also meeting other crafty bloggers was fun, thanks to Justine and Nikki for organising a great afternoon. Though Justine was a blur most the afternoon running around after us ladies. Thanks Justine, Amitie and Lovely Liz from Broderie. Justine’s pics….

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Fran and Emma, we had a great night. You know when you’ve made a blog friend and you’re not sure if in the flesh you’ll actually have anything to talk about. Well, we had no problems, both really delightful, fun, witty and intelligent women.

The day before I was due to fly out I decided that I HAD to have a new bag. Pattern adapted from this book and it came together pretty quickly. Fabric and handles from the stash. Photographed on the plane on the way to Melbourne.


Finished some socks, modelled here by S. Can you pic which pose is her’s and which is the one I "made" her do?  Pattern from My Fashionable Life, but can’t find the name of the pattern at the moment. Details, Lorna’s Laces, think it’s Bittersweet colourway, knit magic loop style on 80cm 2.5mm addi, toe up, short row toes and heels. What more could a sock knitter want? My first lace ever.



The next installment of back-tack will be happening soon peeps, soon. Al and I only had a short amount of time in Melbourne together so we didn’t get to chat, but we have plans. So keep your eyes peeled at our blogs and at the back-tack blog.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have about 1400 posts to read in my RSS feed. EEEP!

meet rod…


Yep, introducing the footrest known as "Rod" around these parts. As in the giant crafty rod I made for my back when I started this project…oh in November last year. Gillian turned 40 in December and this is her gift. It started out as a quilt top….but stupid here hadn’t done the maths on exactly how many yoyo’s would be required. When I finally figured I’d need some maths *cough* at the point of assembling the top, well let’s just say I was about 350 yoyo’s short of where I wanted to be. Soooo plan B swung into action. I’d just finished the footrest and figured I could use the same shape to make a yoyo barnacle footrest.

Some detail…..All yoyo’s handsewn over 150 of them, no Clover tool used (more on the Clover tool later) as the size wasn’t right, then machine stitched across the centre to attach to the base and then all edges hand stitched down. Buttons added for some more texture, because, you know this barnacle baby was looking pretty plain. I’ve used mainly reproduction prints for their small scale, over 20 different fabrics in total.


I admit to handing this over to Gillian at lunch on Saturday feeling very glad it was finished. It was made with love, these colours are Gillian’s favourites and I did enjoy parts of it, but I definitely made it hard for myself. What makes it all worthwhile however are Gillian’s comments. I know that she appreciates a gift like this and is very gracious about it being 2 months late. She noticed the detail, the different fabrics, the buttons, also that it was handsewn predominately (is that a bad thing?!) and is the best person to give a handmade gift to.

So now…onto finishing bloggie meetup gifts, sewing some tissue holders, including the one below for my new MIL, a very stylish lady indeed. I’m off to Melbourne Thursday morning so you might not hear from me for a week or so.


Keep on crafting!

making it up as I go.


That’s what I’ve been doing around these parts lately. Got my cooking mojo back. This was last night’s dinner, made on the fly, a joy to cook for S who digs tasty stuff. There’s enough of this baby left for lunch today and possibly dinner tonight. YUMMM.

Free range chicken cous cous salad with the "sink"

  • Poach the chicken breasts with lemongrass and lemon.
  • Whilst they’re poaching, cut up a couple of handfuls of sugar peas, throw in some dried cranberries a julienned carrot, toast a handful of cashews chop them up and throw them in too together with a bunch of chopped celery and flat leaf parsley. Stir this up.
  • When your chicken’s almost done, throw in a cup of frozen peas into the water with the chicken. After a couple of minutes pull out the breasts and drain the peas.
  • Grab a cup of uncooked cous cous and pour over a cup of boiling water, cover with a tea towel and leave for 5 mins. Then fluff with a fork and add a little seasoning, butter and olive oil.
  • Slice the breasts which will be nice and juicy as you’ve poached them and throw them in the bowl with the other ingredients. Rinse the peas under cold water and throw them in too.
  • Whilst all the above is happening make a dressing, using this which you bought months ago but haven’t used. Put a clove of garlic, salt and some dried herbs, lemon juice and whole egg mayonnaise in the shaker and shake the bejesus out of it then pour over the salad and toss, toss, toss. Sit down with your favourite person and enjoy.


The blog meet up is only days away (well it’s Saturday 17th) and I had a plan and then stuff wasn’t working but I think I’ve resurrected and sorted it. Trying to put aside performance anxiety "will they like it" thoughts and just making and enjoying. LOVE this fabric which I bought from Superbuzzy last year.

For you Aussies did you know Toni Collette and the Finish are touring in March? I’ve just started listening to "Look Up" and "Beautiful Awkward Pictures", gorgeous songs.

Thanks for all your sweet comments. We take our eyebrow grooming very seriously 😉

covered, baked and loved…

I found some photo’s taken at Christmas 2006. First an apron I made
for a friend’s birthday. Pattern created on the fly. I’m pretty happy
with my curved corners and pocket. Using Amy Butler from the stash in
Cherie’s favourite colours.


Here’s the baking I managed to do last Christmas. Apricot, cinnamon
and clove jam (my own recipe), and cranberry, white chocolate and toasted almond slice (a variation on a Donna Hay recipe).
Very simple packaging created using some royalty free photography. More pics at flickr.


I don’t go into a huge amount of detail here about my personal life but I wanted to share a snippet. I met Sondra in December last year….let’s just say some friends have been surprised at my giddiness since we met. Here’s a peak at the reason why the blog’s been a little quiet…