covered, baked and loved…

I found some photo’s taken at Christmas 2006. First an apron I made
for a friend’s birthday. Pattern created on the fly. I’m pretty happy
with my curved corners and pocket. Using Amy Butler from the stash in
Cherie’s favourite colours.


Here’s the baking I managed to do last Christmas. Apricot, cinnamon
and clove jam (my own recipe), and cranberry, white chocolate and toasted almond slice (a variation on a Donna Hay recipe).
Very simple packaging created using some royalty free photography. More pics at flickr.


I don’t go into a huge amount of detail here about my personal life but I wanted to share a snippet. I met Sondra in December last year….let’s just say some friends have been surprised at my giddiness since we met. Here’s a peak at the reason why the blog’s been a little quiet…


28 thoughts on “covered, baked and loved…

  1. Bel says:

    Giddy is good! So glad to hear you’re so happy, and there ain’t too many better reasons to take a step back from blogging and crafting! And thanks for sharing – you know we’re all sticky beaks and have been dying for some details.


  2. missmeshell says:

    My goodness, you two are the biggest cuties ever! And you both look so cheeky =P
    And a big YUM to your Chrissy food! Oh my. And lurvly curved apron corners…I’m feeling in an apron mood at the moment.


  3. di says:

    So happy for you- you both look beautiful in that pic!
    Looking forward to catching up with you when you’re here (must email you about plans..)


  4. kodachrome says:

    Weeeee! Congrats to the cutest couple I’ve seen in a long time. And of course, love is too grand of a thing for letting blogging get in the way. But know that your friends (and strangers!) will wait patiently for you and your lovely, crafty updates–


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