meet rod…


Yep, introducing the footrest known as "Rod" around these parts. As in the giant crafty rod I made for my back when I started this project…oh in November last year. Gillian turned 40 in December and this is her gift. It started out as a quilt top….but stupid here hadn’t done the maths on exactly how many yoyo’s would be required. When I finally figured I’d need some maths *cough* at the point of assembling the top, well let’s just say I was about 350 yoyo’s short of where I wanted to be. Soooo plan B swung into action. I’d just finished the footrest and figured I could use the same shape to make a yoyo barnacle footrest.

Some detail…..All yoyo’s handsewn over 150 of them, no Clover tool used (more on the Clover tool later) as the size wasn’t right, then machine stitched across the centre to attach to the base and then all edges hand stitched down. Buttons added for some more texture, because, you know this barnacle baby was looking pretty plain. I’ve used mainly reproduction prints for their small scale, over 20 different fabrics in total.


I admit to handing this over to Gillian at lunch on Saturday feeling very glad it was finished. It was made with love, these colours are Gillian’s favourites and I did enjoy parts of it, but I definitely made it hard for myself. What makes it all worthwhile however are Gillian’s comments. I know that she appreciates a gift like this and is very gracious about it being 2 months late. She noticed the detail, the different fabrics, the buttons, also that it was handsewn predominately (is that a bad thing?!) and is the best person to give a handmade gift to.

So now…onto finishing bloggie meetup gifts, sewing some tissue holders, including the one below for my new MIL, a very stylish lady indeed. I’m off to Melbourne Thursday morning so you might not hear from me for a week or so.


Keep on crafting!

15 thoughts on “meet rod…

  1. Jo says:

    And looking forward to seeing, and in fact, meeting you, on Saturday. Be prepared, it’s gonna be a stinker. They’re saying 36 Fri, 38 Sat & Sun. This is a community service announcement. And I love your bit of florentine tapestry. Lucky MIL. How did you get the good partner with the good MIL?


  2. Miss Dot says:

    well done! that footrest is beautiful, you can see the love in it. Have a great trip and eat lots of Haighs dark chocolate frogs for me? Oh I love Melbourne. Have a great time.


  3. amisha says:

    rod is gorgeous. so colorful and cozy! isn’t it wonderful to give a handmade gift to someone who knows the love and time and care that went into it? good feelings all around 🙂


  4. shiso mama says:

    wow, what an incredible amount of work. that is one lucky lucky friend you have. blues and reds have been a favorite combination of mine lately; it’s sigh inducingly beautiful.


  5. Kirsten says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your inspiration – i first discovered the blogging world when i contacted you following your log cabin cushion published in The Age some 6 or 9 months ago! What a whole new world i found out there with people that like making things like i do! So a big thank you and i’m sure i will get more confidence to leave future comments on your blog, too! Thanks again 🙂


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