Well hello there! It’s been about 14 days since my last post! Hope you’re all well. Melbourne was fun. Though I admit to missing The S and being a bit of a girl about it. However catching up with old friends Al and Di and meeting new friends like Jo, Sooz and Suse was a blast. Getting to squish Pia was also lovely, she’s a gorgeous little bebe, so squishy and sweet. Also meeting other crafty bloggers was fun, thanks to Justine and Nikki for organising a great afternoon. Though Justine was a blur most the afternoon running around after us ladies. Thanks Justine, Amitie and Lovely Liz from Broderie. Justine’s pics….

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Fran and Emma, we had a great night. You know when you’ve made a blog friend and you’re not sure if in the flesh you’ll actually have anything to talk about. Well, we had no problems, both really delightful, fun, witty and intelligent women.

The day before I was due to fly out I decided that I HAD to have a new bag. Pattern adapted from this book and it came together pretty quickly. Fabric and handles from the stash. Photographed on the plane on the way to Melbourne.


Finished some socks, modelled here by S. Can you pic which pose is her’s and which is the one I "made" her do?  Pattern from My Fashionable Life, but can’t find the name of the pattern at the moment. Details, Lorna’s Laces, think it’s Bittersweet colourway, knit magic loop style on 80cm 2.5mm addi, toe up, short row toes and heels. What more could a sock knitter want? My first lace ever.



The next installment of back-tack will be happening soon peeps, soon. Al and I only had a short amount of time in Melbourne together so we didn’t get to chat, but we have plans. So keep your eyes peeled at our blogs and at the back-tack blog.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have about 1400 posts to read in my RSS feed. EEEP!

14 thoughts on “hiya!

  1. Miss Dot says:

    the second pose is the one you made her do?
    Glad to hear you had a good time and FINALLY posted about it. Jesus! this thunderstorm is scaring the crap outa me, off to hide under the doona! welcome back.


  2. suse says:

    That bag is sensational and it was fab to meet you too (and experience the famous laugh).
    I have to tell you, the bookmark is already in use and I love it. Thanks.


  3. Rachel says:

    Do you have any idea how LONG 14 days without Craftapalooza is? Really. It’s hard to deal with. So glad you’re back! The bag is gorgeous.
    If you ever find yourself in the New York City vicinity, I hope to meet you someday, too.


  4. susannah says:

    Glad you had a good trip. Lovely to have met you at the blog getogether! Your gorgeous bookmark is already getting a workout! Can I say again, that bag you whipped up is fab. Your fabric combos are amazing!


  5. corrie says:

    love the bag and the dishcloth! that apple is subtle but so cute! I think its one of the nicest I’ve seen and your colours are really great on the bag with the handles too!


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