everything’s coming up apples


There’s a little theme here at the moment. Apples. Apple fabric, apple ceramics, handknit apple dishcloths, apple photo holders. The mug and apple accessories were purchased in Melbourne recently with Di and Al on our shop-a-thon Saturday at Zakkaya.


Then there’s the apple of Al’s eye, little squishy Pia, who’s actually not super squishy, but is super cuddly. This pic taken with my mobile on the steps of some fabric store I can’t remember the name of. Pia and I went for a wander and then had a rest whilst we were waiting for mummy. She’s a very observant little gal, quite happy to sit and watch the traffic with me.


If someone had said to me I see handknit dishcloths in your future I would have said take a flying leap! But that’s the obsession at the moment. I bought a copy of Mason Dixon’s book last year and although I’m not super enamoured with a lot of the patterns the dishcloth cotton patterns did it for me, including the little baby kimono. I also love the knitted log cabin patterns. Getting slightly sidetracked here, the book overall is a gem, it’s probably the wittiest and most funny knitting book I’ve read, as well as charming. I’ve had laugh out loud moments with this book, definitely one for any knitters collection. So back to the dishcloths. I finished one last year which you didn’t see, mainly as I was busy and OK I admit a little shy about sharing my handknit dishcloth.

The one you see picture here I found via Knitting Pattern Central. The apple was too cute to pass up, I’ve also just cast on for the squirrel. I like that I can put the cloth through the washing machine when it’s getting tired (read, stinky) and have another on hand, I also love the idea of not buying dishcloths. I’m trying to think up some witty ending to this post but it’s eluding me at the moment, I’ll leave you to stew instead…. BOOM TISH!


15 thoughts on “everything’s coming up apples

  1. kodachrome says:

    I like that photo taken with your mobile. And thanks for the link to the dishcloth patterns. Who doesn’t want to wash dishes with squirrels and apples and such?


  2. sarah says:

    i was very impressed with pia’s eye for fabric, she’s such a sweetie… love all your zakka goodness and yes yes to dishcloths except they will have to be crochet (especially as i have finally given up on the giant boob cushion!)


  3. di says:

    I hadn’t noticed there was such an apple theme running in your shopping that day!
    I think the photo was on the steps of Artextil in Richmond…
    Thanks for the book review too- must add that to the wish list ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Kirsten says:

    Gorgeous things! That idea of making your own dishclothes ties in to the concept of wardrobe refashion, too. I love that little apple cloth. Being a bit of a knitting nuff nuff, did you knit it in 100% wool – and then just do the wool wash cycle on your machine?? Cute pic with babe.


  5. Gina says:

    Thats funny, I remember growing up apples was a huge hit in country decorating next to the white goose wearing the blue bonnet. Now these apples that you are showing are much cuter. But I have to say that baby is the cutest!


  6. Natasha says:

    I really really love that mug!!! Also I must say that washing with knit dishclothes rock, they wash, they scrub aaaaand they are made with love::::: could washing dishes get any better


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