grunt, sweat and a whole lotta tape and cardboard

Hey! I’m here. Moved into our "new" house last week. I’ve been up to my elbows assembling furniture and cleaning the place. Then decided that we needed to pay to have the interior painted. So within the next month we’ll have freshly painted walls, ceilings, doors and skirtings. The walls, "Harlem", the ceilings "White on White" and a couple of feature walls, one called "Venus Flytrap" and I can’t remember the other right now. I’d love some wallpaper in our bedroom but will sit on that for the moment.

Also in the midst of choosing light fittings. I’ll try and get some before shots so you can see the before and after, for those of you that are interested. It’s an interesting process to go through "styling" your own home. Choosing where you’ll spend money, what can wait and what you absolutely couldn’t live with. What I do know is whilst we have the momentum and enthusiasm it’s worth being a little tired and feeling slightly overwhelmed by painters, electrician and wardrobe refitters. But dang, not such an unfortunate position considering I’m making these choices for my OWN HOME. Quite exciting.

After a stroll in the yard the other morning I discovered a lemon, apple and pomegranate tree and a few herbs. Very nice surprises. I have plans and visions for a compost heap, worm farm, vegie patch and potentially a rainwater tank for watering the garden. Future considerations, recycling our grey water.

So, no pics for now, but I’m out there reading you all. Crafting wise, little quiet at the moment, but I have a stack of things I’d like to make for home, table runners, napkins, coasters, a quilt for our bed to name just a few.

Happy crafting!

wine, food, napping, knitting, loving and a whole lot more

Hello there! Hope you all had great Easter breaks. Mine was fabulous. The Son and I hit Margaret River hard, well sort of, if you call napping, eating, drinking, sightseeing, DVD watching, knitting baby garments for a friend’s impending birth, kangaroo and kookaburra spotting hitting it hard. Of course, lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.

Spud not very happy about goodbye cuddles.


View from the deck at Hilltop Studios.


The indoor/outdoor spa….heaven.


Spa treatments, can you tell who’s mother is the beautician??


Sunny Hilltop Studio


Yallingup Beach


Moses Rock,  Wilyabrup


Brookland Valley, lunch view at Flutes Restaurant.


Showing off new birkies.


Son at Moses Rock.


A little something that’s been on my mind lately, manners in the blog world. Warning, slight soap box rant here, stop reading if this will offend! Too often I read in blogland others criticising or leaving passive aggressive comments, often anonymous. Especially the nasty comments. I’m not referring to my land here as things are pretty mild in the land of Craftapalooza. Why mention this now? Well there’s the recent Kathy Sierra nastiness which is terrifying, then I was reading Cara’s site and via her found this article about manners in the blog world. I’ll leave you with this, we all started our blogs with our own personal reasons and we all put out there what we feel comfortable sharing. Other’s opinions are just that, opinions. At the end of the day if I want to post about my rosy crafty life, that’s what I’ll do, I don’t feel the need to share a lot of the "real life" stuff, I come here to post mostly about the positive crafty stuff in my life and I think we all need to learn a little empathy, be less judgemental and more accepting about each other’s differences and also sameness. Aside from all that, you don’t like what you’re reading at someone’s blog, stop reading, step away from the keyboard and don’t write that petty negative comment, you’ll feel a whole lot better for it.

See you in a couple of weeks

Busy! Busy. I know, boring but true.

Going on holiday’s to here and then moving house. I’m crafting just have no time for photo taking and posting at the moment.

Hope you’re all well, have a safe and love filled Easter and see you all in a couple of weeks!