wine, food, napping, knitting, loving and a whole lot more

Hello there! Hope you all had great Easter breaks. Mine was fabulous. The Son and I hit Margaret River hard, well sort of, if you call napping, eating, drinking, sightseeing, DVD watching, knitting baby garments for a friend’s impending birth, kangaroo and kookaburra spotting hitting it hard. Of course, lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.

Spud not very happy about goodbye cuddles.


View from the deck at Hilltop Studios.


The indoor/outdoor spa….heaven.


Spa treatments, can you tell who’s mother is the beautician??


Sunny Hilltop Studio


Yallingup Beach


Moses Rock,  Wilyabrup


Brookland Valley, lunch view at Flutes Restaurant.


Showing off new birkies.


Son at Moses Rock.


A little something that’s been on my mind lately, manners in the blog world. Warning, slight soap box rant here, stop reading if this will offend! Too often I read in blogland others criticising or leaving passive aggressive comments, often anonymous. Especially the nasty comments. I’m not referring to my land here as things are pretty mild in the land of Craftapalooza. Why mention this now? Well there’s the recent Kathy Sierra nastiness which is terrifying, then I was reading Cara’s site and via her found this article about manners in the blog world. I’ll leave you with this, we all started our blogs with our own personal reasons and we all put out there what we feel comfortable sharing. Other’s opinions are just that, opinions. At the end of the day if I want to post about my rosy crafty life, that’s what I’ll do, I don’t feel the need to share a lot of the "real life" stuff, I come here to post mostly about the positive crafty stuff in my life and I think we all need to learn a little empathy, be less judgemental and more accepting about each other’s differences and also sameness. Aside from all that, you don’t like what you’re reading at someone’s blog, stop reading, step away from the keyboard and don’t write that petty negative comment, you’ll feel a whole lot better for it.

13 thoughts on “wine, food, napping, knitting, loving and a whole lot more

  1. Gretchen Duff says:

    Hi! Good for you! Long time reader and first time comment-leaver. Well said AND I am eternally happy that you are happy. GO YOU!


  2. mo says:

    I agree. Sometimes its nice to remind folks to play nice- though it is a little bothersome that some folks need reminding.
    I laughed at that photo of the cat. We have a saying around here when it comes to that kind of hug for the pet- mandatory love. I love his expression though- too funny!


  3. di says:

    Sounds like you’ve been having a whole lotta fun! I did a double take of the view from your hide-away, which is freakishly similar to the hide-away near Cowaramup where Scott and I got engaged! Strangely, we also enjoyed a lovely lunch at Flutes (my favorite :)), but I have to say we didn’t get into the matching face masks for some reason or other…


  4. sooz says:

    Thank god you are back. Way too much fun being had over you way. I recall in the early days of the internet (before the world wide web even, yeah, OK, I’m old) netiquette was taken so seriously that users who were negative and judgemental were seriously ostrascised. There was something kind of nice about that world, a chance to make over the real world where anything seems to go in terms of how you treat others. You gotta play nice with the other kids. All this crazy stuff now is so sad.


  5. alisonmc says:

    Rockin birkies! I must buy a pair immediately.
    As for blog nastiness I totally agree. I sometimes worry I put too much of myself out there. Over the last 10 years I’ve moved around the world a lot and keeping a blog is the easiest way to let all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way up to date with what’s happening (or not) in my life. Sometimes I forget other people are reading and worse, judging. There is so much hate in the world and every now and then something like the Kathy Sierra thing reminds me that we’re all vulnerable to it and that makes me feel very very sad.


  6. shula says:

    Just in case no one’s told you, your blog was mentioned in The Age in Melbourne on the weekend as a major player in Australian craft, alongside whipup, and a few others.


  7. clementine says:

    dude, i nearly bought those birkies the other day. they are awesome.
    hooray you, i hope all the transplanting has gone well 🙂 heh heh. can’t wait to catch up with you and see more of your crafty goodness. (just as long as it’s not yoyos, y’hear me?!)


  8. sara aires says:

    Hurray! That’s the spirit! I don’t a blog, or a crafty clog should be shallow or narrow minded, but that doesn’t mean one shold talk about anything other than what one wants, right?! And if being happy and positive is what we want, then that’s what we should post! 😉
    I love your blog, you are truely inspiring and amazingly fun!!!
    big hug from Portugal
    sara aires


  9. Kathie says:

    I LOVE your berkies! Do you have the style number (on the inside of the shoe) so I can order them? I have been searching all morning and can’t seem to find the style you have.
    Great blog! I’m sure I’m going to make it one of my weekly reads 🙂


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