I think I’m about 2-3 weeks off from having the crafty room ready to go. Not that I’m counting or anything….much!

I have been knitting mainly, no sewing, I’m itching to sew. The Son and I went to the craft fair, picked up some booty from the Patchwork on Central Park stall. There were some great fabric stalls, but overall, same old stuff as last year and a little disappointing. Great review of the fair over at One Hour Craft. Son’s first experience and she handled it well. I put her onto the task of spotting knitted garments out of Feathers and other such gorgeous yarns (YES, I’m a yarn snob).

So…since I don’t really have anything crafty to share I’ll share another embarrassing story, it’s been a while since I’ve shared any quality stories with you all, last one was here.

OK. I’d been feeling unwell and tired. Yesterday The Son and I got home about 7.45pm. I needed to go to the toilet. I had gum in my mouth and as I was sitting on the throne I pulled off some toilet paper and put the gum in it. I don’t know what I was thinking, or not thinking. Finished my business pulled up my tracky pants and sauntered up the hall. As I was sitting there eating my dinner I’m thinking, that’s odd, I have a strange cool feeling in my bottom area, sort of like a cold menthol feeling. Nothing registers but I’m sitting there getting more and more curious and a little concerned and I don’t say anything. I finish dinner and go to the toilet to see what’s happening. As I try to pull the trackies down they stick to my bum, people, I must have been tired, I STILL don’t register that I have a wad of gum in my butt. The first thought that pops into my head is that someone broke into the house and put glue in my pants! YES, that is the thought, they didn’t steal anything, they broke in and put glue in my pants. I get the pants down and then realise my cheeks are stuck together…..with gum. At this point it registers and I am laughing, crying. I manage to make my way into the living room and show The Son. Who loses it, laughing and crying in hysterics. I say, can you please help me. So she spends the next 15 mins or so picking gum out of my butt….yes, very sexy. Yes, it hurt, especially where hair was involved.

Ummm, sorry no, no photos, I was asked by someone who’ll remain annonymous if I took photos. Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind…

Any of you guys got a story to match or beat that stupidity?! There’ll be a prize in it for the one I think’s the funniest.

The photo above, a slight distraction from the gum and me playing  with a little depth of field photography (thanks Miss Kate for the link)….taken at night but no flash, hence the photo has a little too much noise.

This picture is my giant apple container, it’s about 30cm tall and very cool. I saw it and had a complete irrational have to have it moment. Isn’t it beautiful.



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Still working out some flickr blogging. Hopefully you’re distracted by the very cute Martha.

channelling the inner goddess

Slowly getting back my domestic goddess groove. Still surrounded by unpacked cartons, waiting for the painter to come before we finish unpacking. Today there was oiling the outdoor setting, cooking and baking. Had a little time to play with the D80 today, slowly feeling my way around, you’ll all be my guinea pigs so be patient with my over exposed, under exposed, out of focus shots!

Today’s the first day that I’ve started yearning for my crafty space. I’m itching to sew and play in my new craft room. I love that I can stick stuff on walls and pretty much do what I want, no landlords to worry about.

So. Today. Mother’s Day – out to breakfast with The Son and my parents, they’re moving to Noosa next month which I have mixed feelings about. Then home for a mid morning nap and trashy magazine read. An afternoon filled with oiling furniture, cooking beef bourginon and baking banana cake using my new stand mixer, she’s a beauty.



Living room – replacing the green, think orange is the winner, or a different pink.


Beautiful housewarming present from Al and Wes on the Noguchi reproduction coffee table.


Spud loves the new backyard…


AND new cushions.


Happy crafting!

drop in for a cuppa

That’s what I’m doing here at the blog. I’m stealing a moment during a work day to say hi to you all. I know, the blog’s a little cobwebby at the moment. Hang in there with me peeps, I’m not giving up the blog. My crafting is limited at the moment due to the recent house move and all my supplies being in boxes. I do have a scarf out that I’m knitting for The Son so I’m not completely craftless.

We’re progressing slowly, slowly with the minor home reno’s. I need to remember to take some before pics to share. It’s all very exciting if a little nerve wrecking. Electricians doing his thing at the moment installing new ceiling fans, light switch plates and a bunch of other little stuff. On Tuesday new wardrobes for all 3 bedrooms. WOOT.

THEN hopefully the painter will paint the whole interior and by the end of May we’ll be "finished" for now. Future projects involve, new toilet, retiling the floor in the toilet, new floor coverings in 2 bedrooms and a zillion other little things you want to do as a home owner (I just like writing that, home owner, but really it should be mortgage payer).

Anyhooo. Just as I was thinking my craft juju was drying up, the Harlot saved me. I was driving to pick The Son up after work yesterday and I had a copy of the Harlot’s book "The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting" in the car. I was reading whilst stopped at traffic lights and trying to read driving in peak hour traffic, yes, yes, very irresponsible, and laughing and smiling to myself and realised the juju’s still there even if I’m not immersed in craft at the moment.

Sorry, still no pics. I have a new toy The Son gave me and am a little shy with it still. Promise, pics with next post.