drop in for a cuppa

That’s what I’m doing here at the blog. I’m stealing a moment during a work day to say hi to you all. I know, the blog’s a little cobwebby at the moment. Hang in there with me peeps, I’m not giving up the blog. My crafting is limited at the moment due to the recent house move and all my supplies being in boxes. I do have a scarf out that I’m knitting for The Son so I’m not completely craftless.

We’re progressing slowly, slowly with the minor home reno’s. I need to remember to take some before pics to share. It’s all very exciting if a little nerve wrecking. Electricians doing his thing at the moment installing new ceiling fans, light switch plates and a bunch of other little stuff. On Tuesday new wardrobes for all 3 bedrooms. WOOT.

THEN hopefully the painter will paint the whole interior and by the end of May we’ll be "finished" for now. Future projects involve, new toilet, retiling the floor in the toilet, new floor coverings in 2 bedrooms and a zillion other little things you want to do as a home owner (I just like writing that, home owner, but really it should be mortgage payer).

Anyhooo. Just as I was thinking my craft juju was drying up, the Harlot saved me. I was driving to pick The Son up after work yesterday and I had a copy of the Harlot’s book "The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting" in the car. I was reading whilst stopped at traffic lights and trying to read driving in peak hour traffic, yes, yes, very irresponsible, and laughing and smiling to myself and realised the juju’s still there even if I’m not immersed in craft at the moment.

Sorry, still no pics. I have a new toy The Son gave me and am a little shy with it still. Promise, pics with next post.

3 thoughts on “drop in for a cuppa

  1. Alison says:

    Bring the toy out to play!! (I am insanely jealous)
    And I am so glad you’re not giving up on the blog, I was getting a bit worried, because I would for one really miss your presence out there.


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