channelling the inner goddess

Slowly getting back my domestic goddess groove. Still surrounded by unpacked cartons, waiting for the painter to come before we finish unpacking. Today there was oiling the outdoor setting, cooking and baking. Had a little time to play with the D80 today, slowly feeling my way around, you’ll all be my guinea pigs so be patient with my over exposed, under exposed, out of focus shots!

Today’s the first day that I’ve started yearning for my crafty space. I’m itching to sew and play in my new craft room. I love that I can stick stuff on walls and pretty much do what I want, no landlords to worry about.

So. Today. Mother’s Day – out to breakfast with The Son and my parents, they’re moving to Noosa next month which I have mixed feelings about. Then home for a mid morning nap and trashy magazine read. An afternoon filled with oiling furniture, cooking beef bourginon and baking banana cake using my new stand mixer, she’s a beauty.



Living room – replacing the green, think orange is the winner, or a different pink.


Beautiful housewarming present from Al and Wes on the Noguchi reproduction coffee table.


Spud loves the new backyard…


AND new cushions.


Happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “channelling the inner goddess

  1. di says:

    Can I please be allowed to be jealous of the kitchen aid, and the craft room, and the coffee table, and the cushions… (the cat I’m ok about- I think Walter is a pretty good immitation Spud!)


  2. Rachel says:

    I’m not an orange person myself but I think it suits you and your space best. Using it with vibrant pink accents as in the cushion will make the room really fun and modern. Looking forward to seeing your craft room take shape.
    Give Spuds a smooch on his adorable nose for me!


  3. Kelli says:

    I love those photos of Spud! He is so cute. And I look forward to seeing the wall color change. Woo hoo! Nic’s got her domestic groove on!


  4. Kristi says:

    Happy Mother’s day, my mom always told me that the first thing you should do to make a home feel like your is bake some brownies. Makes the house feel like a home.
    Spud is cute, he looks like he’s settled in nicely.


  5. fran says:

    Sounds like you’ve really settled in! Love the kitchen aid and all your pics. Got my craft space sorted today and like you, can’t wait to make stuff. xx


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