up to?

Howdy ya’ll. Thanks for the response to my last embarrassing story. Glad to amuse as always! It was a tough choice but in consultation with The Son we decided that Monica’s story about the "friend" with the false labor due to an M&M smeared in her knickers wins. Monica, if you’re reading drop me a line and we’ll chat.

Getting there slowly, slowly. Craft room STILL in boxes and I’m starting to get twitchy…Painting nearly finished, my crafty room is last and he’s gone on holiday’s for a week….Yep. So waiting patiently, knitting The Son’s scarf, getting my creative kick from baking and playing with the camera.

Almond and Rhubarb Cake – Yum and more yum.


Hallway –  painted. Ceiling Dulux White On White, walls, Harlem. Toilet – 1970’s LILAC. Yes, we have a lilac throne. We’ll be living with the lilac for a little while yet…


Gillian and Paul bought us a house warming worm farm. Me hinting helped 🙂 I LOVE IT. All the vegie scraps go to the worms. Looking forward to harvesting worm juice and casings and putting them on the passionfruit vines I’m planning on planting. Also, no pictures yet, but that pomegranate I mentioned, well it’s actually a guava tree. Yellow guava’s with pale flesh. The smell super sweet and I’m not quite sure what I think of them yet. Made one batch of guava jam, so-so.


Wattle next door.


Until next time….keep on crafting and keep your chewing gum out of your pants!

3 thoughts on “up to?

  1. di says:

    That looks like the same worm farm we have- its fabulous. Ours is full to the top tier now. I really really need to make some time to distribute the castings around the garden.
    Hanging out to see your craft room get established- I’m excited for you (and jealous..)


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