Nothing like the motivation of a new toy like Ravelry to finish a WIP and continue with another. I received my invite to BETA test and have dived right in. It is very very cool. Super powerful database they are building.


First up, one of many WIP’s I’m sure for my oldest friend Al M’s new bebe. Due in early August. I’ve seen Al knit these and bought the pattern ages ago, well I bought a kit. This knit is the cardigan from the Red Set Go set by Monkey Suits using GGH, GOA. Super quick. Buttons from The Quilting Heart, I had to buy a few more for the stash whilst I was there.


Next a WIP for The Son. Well my first WIP for The Son. A scarf. Was intended on being a simple project and it is, sort of. There’s a few too many yarn over, K2tog, SSK’s for my liking but I’m getting there. Chart pilfered from Interweave Knits, Favourite Socks (thanks to Al M for the suggestion), rest of it I made up. I’ll put the pattern up after it’s finished. Using Artyarns Handpaint Stripes, I planned on 2 skeins, but have a third up my sleeve, I’ll stop when the scarf’s reached the desired length for the missus.


Listening to Katie Noonan’s new song, Time to Begin. Beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Al M says:

    Lil Louie’s going to be (and already is!) one spoilt little fella – thanks to Auntie Nickers & Auntie Son. Love the cardi Nickers 🙂


  2. Serena says:

    Wow, Ravelry looks terrific thanks for the plug, there may be some hope for the organisationally challenged among us! Gorgeous cardi too, the colour is fantastic.


  3. Kathy in Iowa says:

    Love the beautiful knits. Enjoyed browsing your blog! I tracked you back from a question you left on my blog. Can you knit Sidewinders 2 at a time. Answer is…sure! Twice the fun!!
    Thanks for stopping by – come back anytime.


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