can you feel it?

The love that is. Wowzers, thanks for all your lovely comments, talk about knowing how to make a gal feel the internets love. I knew you guys were out there, thanks for delurking. We have winners, Sia, Sherri and Dawn, congrats! Can you guys email me your postal addresses please and your preferred initial on your tape measure.

Finally made a sock monkey. I’ll admit it was out of desperation (dramatic I know) looking for ideas for handmade man/boy gifts. So here is sock monkey. I haven’t named him as I figured the recipient would want the honour of doing that. Some details. Ok. Grab yourself some sock monkey socks, or whatever socks you wish, use Google to find the sock monkey "recipe" and whizz up your monkey with a buddy one Friday night. THEN let the monkey sit around nude for about, ohhh a couple of years. Finally, drag out the monkey and dress him. Pants and shirt patterns I can’t find the darned link, but edited quite heavily. Bag made off the cuff with robot transfer from Laurie. Knitted hat, can’t find the link for the pattern. For a first attempt, he’s come out ok and he went down well with Jon. More pics here.


I’ve also knitted one half of a pair of booties using this lovely pattern, Saartjes Booties. Lovely sweet pattern that makes itty bitty booties, just over 7cm long. I’m using Rowan 4ply Soft. Next time I’ll knit them on bigger needles using 8ply. How’d you like this picture?! Not quite up to Brooklyn Tweed’s photography but I’m working, baby, working IT.


Listening to JJJ recently I’d heard Regina Spector do a copy of a John Lennon song "Real Love". I liked it enough to track it down at the JJJ website. For those interested, off you go, be patient there’s a little interview at the beginning. There’s just something about her voice that makes me stop in my tracks and be still for a moment.

Also, Kelli and Lisa have been in the wars, go on over and give them some internets love.

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday to me!

Hi everyone. Yep, made it to three years of blogging, I’m impressed with myself. I’ll keep it brief, sorry no funny stories about gum in my bum or overindulging and making myself sick! Like the new banner and layout? Not sure about this new 3 column but will suck it and see. The banner was supposed to be an actual cross stitch, but the Son’s been slack. For now you’ll have to put up with the digital version.

The past 3 blog years I’ve made some great friends, been inspired, laughed, learnt and crafted. I remember first starting and wondering why I was doing this and then people started commenting, it was and still is such an enjoyable, positive part of my life. Sure, my life’s not all roses, but who’s is, the blog is my semi-sanctuary. I don’t have to reveal the whole underbelly of my life and yes, I can and do choose what to share. EDIT: Saying that the past 7 months or so have been some of the happiest of my life. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know what I mean. Nice to be able to control SOME part of my life. Control freak, me? LOL. Well maybe a little, but I reckon that’s one of the pros of having a blog, it feeds our inner control freak. Ok, it feeds mine. I can’t vouch for all of you out there.

I was saying, brief. Ok. Here’s the deal. The free stuff. See the picture below, I’m going to make three sets of tissue holders and tape measures, the tape measure will be customised, well the letter I sew on the measure will be customised to each of the three winners. Whatever letter your heart desires. I’ll probably throw in a few other surprises. All  you guys have to do is comment. You don’t need to have a blog, or you can have a blog, if you’re a reader and never commented delurk yourself. Whatever. You don’t even have to say something funny, just leave a comment. On Tuesday 31st July (not sure which timezone, I’ll be drawing, so get your comments in) I’ll draw three winners.

That’s it. Thanks for reading and commenting and have a great crafty weekend.


a bit of this and that

Howdy there. I know, it’s been a while. There’s been a little baking, a little crafting, a lot of unpacking and organising.

I actually don’t have a lot to tell you at the moment without boring you with my domesticity. I’m loving it, but writing it here for you guys to read is another thing! It’s the blog’s birthday on 27th July, three years. I’m planning on doing something so come on back on the 27th. I’m impressed I’ve kept it going for that long, doesn’t feel like three years.

I’ll leave you with some pics, I seem to only be able to photograph at night at the moment, no flash, so they’re still grainy, and a link to Jen’s blog. Go on over and welcome her.

Homemade apple pie, sorry the pastry is out of a packet.

London Beanie, a little small, a Dublin Beanie will be next.

WIP, for the crafty space. Tutorial over at the Purl Bee and flickr group.

A present for The Son’s birthday, a Wee Wonderful’s kitty. Great pattern, fun and easy to follow.


Spud’s tower of power has returned to the living room. He loves lording it over us up there.

*Sigh* a partly organised crafty space. Yes I sewed amongst this chaos. Maybe this week it’ll be finished. For the voyeurs an annotated pic over here.

I can’t promise I’ll post again before the 27th, so until then, happy crafting!

Progress people. Progress.

Well, painting is finished. Finito, done, final! YIP. Small dance happening in my brain. I had grand plans to unpack the crafty studio this weekend. Well, the nasty gastro got me AGAIN! Dunno what’s going on there. Jen, tried the REVOLTING rice water….no go 😦 man I wanted it to work. Back at the doc’s another jab in the bum and minimal unpacking done. My poor MIL was up for a night and had the special joy of listening to me driving the porcelain bus. She was very gracious, it was nice laying in bed listening to Son and her mum interact. They have a nice rhythm with each other.


Jen, who is blogless, but I reckon should get herself one, sent me an email this week letting me know that she purchased Amy Butler fabric from Textile Traders. I know, all you West Aussies get back on your seats. I couldn’t get to the store that she went to, we think it’s Booragoon (Jen’s a country gal and wasn’t quite sure about the absolute location), but went to the Balcatta store. No Amy, however, there was Moda and Freespirit and Michael Miller and others. Not a huge range but promising. Great prices too. AUD$9.99 to $14.99. WOOT. So get on over to your Textile Traders and let’s buy so they keep stocking. More about Jen in another post. Jen needs a post to herself.


So, here’s some more peeks at the house. It’s coming together nicely. Next up is getting some framing done and hung.

More pics over at "My Home" Flickr set with some notes.


Finished some more knits. This bib-o-love from Mason Dixon Knitting was a nice quickie, finished off with a wooden gingerbread man button. Not sure which bebe this is for yet, they’re popping up all over the place at the moment. Get on over and congratulate Di on her newest achievement! Also contrats to Felis and Jason on the birth of little Charlie.

I also knitted a London Beanie for The Son. More details soon when she’s available for a picture. Also, not to harp on but Ravelry so ROCKS. It’s friggin awesome.