can you feel it?

The love that is. Wowzers, thanks for all your lovely comments, talk about knowing how to make a gal feel the internets love. I knew you guys were out there, thanks for delurking. We have winners, Sia, Sherri and Dawn, congrats! Can you guys email me your postal addresses please and your preferred initial on your tape measure.

Finally made a sock monkey. I’ll admit it was out of desperation (dramatic I know) looking for ideas for handmade man/boy gifts. So here is sock monkey. I haven’t named him as I figured the recipient would want the honour of doing that. Some details. Ok. Grab yourself some sock monkey socks, or whatever socks you wish, use Google to find the sock monkey "recipe" and whizz up your monkey with a buddy one Friday night. THEN let the monkey sit around nude for about, ohhh a couple of years. Finally, drag out the monkey and dress him. Pants and shirt patterns I can’t find the darned link, but edited quite heavily. Bag made off the cuff with robot transfer from Laurie. Knitted hat, can’t find the link for the pattern. For a first attempt, he’s come out ok and he went down well with Jon. More pics here.


I’ve also knitted one half of a pair of booties using this lovely pattern, Saartjes Booties. Lovely sweet pattern that makes itty bitty booties, just over 7cm long. I’m using Rowan 4ply Soft. Next time I’ll knit them on bigger needles using 8ply. How’d you like this picture?! Not quite up to Brooklyn Tweed’s photography but I’m working, baby, working IT.


Listening to JJJ recently I’d heard Regina Spector do a copy of a John Lennon song "Real Love". I liked it enough to track it down at the JJJ website. For those interested, off you go, be patient there’s a little interview at the beginning. There’s just something about her voice that makes me stop in my tracks and be still for a moment.

Also, Kelli and Lisa have been in the wars, go on over and give them some internets love.

14 thoughts on “can you feel it?

  1. africankelli says:

    It is working! I am feeling better already. 🙂
    And you know? My mom would love one of those sock monkeys. It isn’t a conventional Christmas gift for your mom, but we aren’t the normal family. I think I’m going to have to add this to my list of holiday crafts.
    Yours is adorable, of course!


  2. kodachrome says:

    “For a first attempt, he’s come out okay.” Are you serious?!?! He ROCKS!!! He looks oh-so more than “okay”. I love him, almost as much as I love that little bootie…


  3. Jill says:

    Wow, talk about serendipity – I heard that song too but do you think I could remember what it was called? I was googling/youtubing all kinds of things. Beautiful. (booties very cute as well 🙂


  4. gracia says:

    Oh, dear… it’s been too long since I swung by here. Belated Birthday cheer to you. Three years – more than impressive! And a whole new look… so very much I have to catch up on.
    take care, grache


  5. richenda says:

    cute monkey
    i saw her doing the live version of that song on jtv or something it was brilliant i am in love with her too, its probably on youtube though its just her playing the pianno
    have fun


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