Operation ESUD….

A.K.A. introducing two tabby’s to one household, 5 year old Spud and 16 year old Esme.

So far this is the plan…

Set up a room for the new old cat with her own litter box, scratching pole, bed and food. She’s gotta be comfortable because she’s going to be spending a week at the "kitty spa" in this room.

Go to your local cat drug supplier vet and spend an awful lot on feline facial pheromones.

We picked up "The Es" or "Es the Les" or "The Loaf" as she’s often referred to, from her nannas. Brought her into the house in her carrier and put her into the spare bedroom in her carrier. We let Spud "discover" her, have a sniff. Es wasn’t too pleased, little hissing which is fair enough. Spud was nowhere near as aggressive as I thought he might be.

We then got Spud out of the room, let Es out of her carrier, gave her some cuddles and then left her to it. She’s going to spend the week in this room. In the evenings we’re letting her out whilst we’re there to supervise. So far so good. Well The Es isn’t too pleased, lots of growling and hissing but no smacking. Spud’s hissed a bit but mainly I think he wants to play with her. He keeps charging her and then stopping just as he gets close. Cheeky bugger.

We’re doing a lot of rubbing them both and spreading each other’s cat stink on the other. So send us happy communal feline wishes. No pics yet, but I will. Es is very sweet and in extremely good nick for an old gal.

4 thoughts on “Operation ESUD….

  1. Amanda says:

    Good luck, it sounds like you’re off to a good start already! I remember many tries at introducing new cats to each other, and many times being so frustrated. But it (almost) always worked out. Cats are usually so serene, it’s amazing how worked up they get when a new cat enters their lives.


  2. deirdre says:

    I’ve always found that to get a cat comfortable in new home, I bring it in the house, give it a bath and put it in a room to dry itself.
    There’s something about the bath that makes the cat settle down immediately.


  3. gracia says:

    Having just looked after my parents cat whilst they were away, I can only wish you the very best of luck. Omar and Olive were none to pleased at the presence of a temporary lodger by the name of Stella.
    Good luck!


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