kitty camper piglet

Hey hey! Sorry for the silence, new job, busy, etc. First up, new job, great, I don’t think they’ve figured me out as a fraud…yet! Crafting, still a little slow, working on socks and today I actually started to cut out the pieces for an overdue new handbag for myself. Using this pattern. I finished another kitty, a thank you gift for a friend, the request was for an earring and cuff. Freezer paper pirate symbol, bugger to cut out, the kitty’s overall height is about 10cm’s, so one small cutout. I think this will be the last kitty I do for a while, I’m over them, need to find another softie pattern.


What else? I’m still out there reading blogs, my blogroll is sitting at nearly 400 blogs so trust me,I’m keeping up just not commenting a whole lot. Home ownership is great but it seems to take up crafty time, whether that be thinking or doing. We’ve decided to get the kitchen renovated and have an installation date of mid November. Very exciting if a little scary. We’re getting a major wall removed to double the very small kitchen. I’ll take some before and after pics. Slowly getting there with the interior of our home. This week I hope to get a bunch of prints framed and up and I need to also organising a stretching of a piece of Marimekko fabric I bought with Al over 3 years ago. It’ll go above the teapots you see below. The teapots sit on a sideboard, 5 in all. The ones you see here are my favourites. The one on the right is by Nigella Lawson and is very sexy. It’s a matt ceramic that has a lovely organic feel and shape. Probably one of my favourite "corners" at the moment.


Umm. I bought new shoes. I love Campers.


And another glimpse, the dining table my Nigella Piglets (yes, Nigella is paying me). For you Aussies I’ve bought my Nigella from here at very reasonable prices including postage.


Currently listening to the new Jose Gonzalez, very nice.

Happy crafting and here’s to more than 2 posts in one month!

17 thoughts on “kitty camper piglet

  1. Bianca says:

    Hey you stole my campers – although you must have painted the black to orange and changed the elastic laces from red to orange. They’re comfy aren’t they!


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