Well I mentioned a little while ago that I’d gotten a couple of new toys, Santa Son came early this year!

One is my lovely Print Gocco PG-5. OMG! How EASY! How much FUN and how little mess. I’m thinking Christmas cards, tags and possibly a 2008 calendar. Lots of fun.


The other, well it’s a Janome Memory Craft 6500. She’s a little ripper. The only "fault" so far is she does have a little pedal lag when you initially start sewing, but other than that she’s awesome. Powerful, fast or slow when I need her to be, awesome stitch library, 2 spools for 2 needle sewing, needle down, separate bobbin winding, scissors, I could go on. She’s a treat. A couple of things I’ve sewn on her, Lotta’s oven mitts, which I have to say I prefer over Denises. Bigger mitt, covers more of your wrist and I do like the circle quilting and a sneak peak of my very late part of the Muslin Tote Swap. I used fabric from Kirin, awesome fabric and the coolest button that Al got for me. More pics once Meagan’s received it. The others are still works in progress, cushions for our living room. Gotta love Santa Son!


So here’s the current project list for the "immediate" stuff for Christmas:

  • Placemats for day to day use
  • Coasters that don’t suck, the first batch suck
  • Placemats/Table runner for Christmas with napkins
  • Table runner and napkins for dinner parties
  • Oven mitts x 2
  • Print cards and tags
  • Plan crackers, jokes, trinkets, paper etc
  • Design and print 2008 Calendar

I’m sure there is more, I just can’t think of it right now!

Have you seen the Sew Mama Sew blog? They’re having 30 Days of Handmade Holiday’s this month. Awesome! I’m pretty sure they’re including my tissue holder tutorial, thanks guys!

I’ll leave you with a picture of Spud doing his new hobby….helping Mummy Son do her jigsaw. As you can see he’s pretty good and laying on the pieces much to The Son’s delight, NOT! He usually waits until she’s doing the jigsaw and will get up from wherever he is and get in the box and look at her like "bring it". Makes for lots of giggling from me and frustration for The Son. The Spud’s happy as he’s getting attention. Nice.


5 thoughts on “Spoilt!

  1. belinda says:

    Wow you have been spoilt. Congrats, on the 6500 I had a look at that one and the 6600 when I was out buying. I’m in the honeymoon period with my machine too, just love it! Just makes me want to sew!!


  2. Tricia says:

    How great that you got a Janome! I just purchased the 6600 and I LOVE it! Now, if only I had the energy that you do to make all that great stuff!


  3. Dale Anne says:

    CONGRATS on the Janome6500!!!
    I just got mine last week as well, and am enjoying playing with it.
    Did you know there is a Janome6500 and 6600 yahoo group? Lots of FABULOUS tips on there!!!


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