walls came tumbling down…

The kitchen renovation started yesterday at 7am. Contrary to popular belief and stereotypes not all lesbians do their own home renovations. I’m handy but not handy in a "let’s knock down a couple of walls and rip out the kitchen" handy. So….day one.

The calm before the dust and noise.

Kitchen ripped out and one of the walls down. For the voyeurs get on over to flickr to see the notes.

Since taking the above picture at 6am this morning, the wall to the left has come down. No messing about. Tomorrow….patched walls hopefully and Thursday/Friday kitchen installed!

3 thoughts on “walls came tumbling down…

  1. Miss Dot says:

    oh my! that is going to be SOOO different when you finish! best of luck, have you thought about the time capsule? I love the curtains still being up 🙂 what does Spud think about all that commotion?


  2. Julie says:

    Wah! And I thought my remodel was major. No walls coming down here (although with all the noise you would think that was the case!) Good luck with your renovation!


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