Day 2 – yesterday

Day two down only two more, tomorrow and Friday.

Yesterday the bigass wall came down. I’d taken Son out to breakfast so we’d missed most of the commotion, but Spud’s little saucer eyes and meow told us it was noisy! The pic below is at the end of the day when most of the required wall patching had been done, there’s a little painting we’ll need to do, but most of the rubbish you see on the walls will be covered by cabinet work or splashback.

Again, head on over to flickr for notes. Tomorrow and Friday, kitchen installation!!!! WOOOT!!!


3 thoughts on “Day 2 – yesterday

  1. Jen says:

    Whacko-the-diddlio…looks fantastic Nic. I cant believe that tradesman could leave a days work with the place looking so neat and tidy!!! Roll on kitchen…


  2. Carson says:

    Wow, looks like you’ve found yourselves some good demo guys! All happening so fast, and yeah, I’m impressed by the general tidiness too, unless you did that? 😉


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