new kitchens and friands

The past weekend I managed to sneak in some baking time in the kitchen. Awesome. The oven and I are still circling each other but we’ll get there. More pictures soon. Tomorrow the floor is being put in! WOOT!!

The Son found this awesome recipe for strawberry friands. YUMMMM. I’ve added Milk and Cookies to my bloglines, nice that they’re an Aussie and I don’t have to translate their measurements. Great little blog too.




I also gave the strawberry and ricotta shortcakes a go. Nice recipe I’d try again, I overcooked mine a little, but still tasty.

Gearing up for Christmas around here. Planning baking and food and pressies. I have printed our Christmas cards on the gocco this year and a calendar, when I can photograph them in decent light I’ll show. I’m loving the gocco.

We also have a new little buddy coming for Spud, well for us too! More details later next week. He’s small, furry and will be named Teddy/Ted. I dunno it we’ll be seeing Spud enjoying his box time as much in the near future 🙂


Happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “new kitchens and friands

  1. Miss Dot says:

    well done! if you go to the East Freo Festival, come and say hello. I am on a stall with Miss Ali J, should be a fun day. Sunday 2 –8 George Street. New ovens are tricky, mine has a hot spot, but it is ok when you figure it out.


  2. emma says:

    Methinks she also has new friand tray? love the kitchen mate! Mine still not quite done….bloody tradies who dont turn up! see u b4 xmas please.


  3. frances says:

    Those friands look amazing. Puppy. It’s a puppy!!! Yayy. Demanding photos asap. Hope Spud adjusts – I’m sure he will. Gonna check out that site right now. xxx


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