Belated festive wishes.

This is how Ted and Spud currently show their love, yes love, for one another. Please note Spud is a willing participant in puppy harassment, or puppy love depending who you are. Spud is on his leash as he is an indoor cat. Usually I hold  the leash so Spud has a fighting chance against Ted. I love the way that Spud uses all four paws to play and also that he spends most of the fight laying on his side and sucking in Ted. Much fun.

In case the embedded video’s not working, try this link.

Will try and find the video camera charge cable to show you this in real time and with sound. Very amusing.

damn insomnia

It’s not too late, 12.30am. The Son and Teddyturdalot are snoring their heads off and I find sometimes if I don’t get to sleep before the snoring starts I’m stuffed. Tonight, stuffed. So I get up. Beats staying in bed getting more frustrated.

I had a rush of festive posts for a while. There’s been a pause but there’s crafting happening. Hopefully I’ll get some time to photograph and show and tell before the jolly dude comes. Thanks for all the lovely crafty love lately, makes a girl feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

I’ll also take some more kitchen pics so you can see how she’s looking. I baked my Christmas cakes in her new oven, awesome. Never made Christmas cake before. Al M tells me it’s tasty and moist, or did she just say moist? Anyhow, she didn’t gag down the phone when telling me.

I’ll leave you with some succulents that sit on the outdoor dining table. A peaceful pic, but doesn’t make me damn sleepy!

Stay safe, keep calm and enjoy the festiveness (The Son would say I should take my own advice!).


It’s Tedalicious

Ted aka The Ted, Teddy, Tedude or how about very cute but very sookie little fur ball has arrived. He’s small, smells like puppy, sounds like puppy not quite sure if he tastes like puppy, we’ll find out tonight…

I forgot what it’s like to have a pup. One that cries like you are hurting him in the worse possible way by walking out of the room. Talk about pulling on your heartstrings. He is very lovely and warm and sweet and we’re trying very hard to not let him do whatever he wants!

The first in what I’m sure will be a gazillion pictures of Ted on the blog…



TMCT in the house….

Yep, new species. Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtle. I know, original. Made for The Son….well also for me, am I too old for softies? It seems having a child for the sake of making softies is sorta not right 😉


Made using one of Hilary’s fabulous patterns and yes, hand sewing was fun. Great for the evening TV watching and sewing.


Phew, that’s a blog week and a half for me! Tomorrow little Ted arrives so no doubt you’ll all be bored soon by cute puppy pictures. Next up….Christmas baking. Any of you Aussies seen the Donna Hay Christmas mag yet? Not bad. Some new ideas I think. Few recipes worth trying.

Happy crafting!

and they called it gocco love…

Yep, it’s official. I have gocco fever. I bought my PG-5 a couple of months ago and have been looking for excuses to use her ever since. I’m a frustrated designer so I have to rely on my computer skills to create artwork. I could go on and on about how awesome the gocco is, but I don’t want to bore you. It is just fabulous.

For the Christmas cards and tags I used the Gutenburg library and found a hand puppet book.



Calendars I used some of Designfruit’s brushes. Awesome brushes



I also went nuts designing and creating birthday cards, the flower graphic is from this awesome Japanese book that comes with a CD that has EPS and JPG files. I recoloured the graphic and changed the pattern. I have enough of these for the next 5 years…slight exageration 🙂


All the white paper is Freelife Vellum. The black is just a test on some random cardstock I had in the stash.

More pics over at flickr.