it’s beginning to look a lot like….

Yep, the silly season’s kicked in at the Palooza residence. There’s list writing and planning. I have over a kilo of fruit macerating on the kitchen bench getting ready for Christmas cake making this weekend. I’ve never made Christmas cake or pudding, but The Son’s a fan so this weekend I’m attempting. Eeek. Fingers and pink bits crossed. I had a chat to The Joan, Al M’s very wise mum, and she gave me some pointers.



What else? Well an advent calendar was made for The Son. 25 little envelopes stamped with 1 to 25, embellished with little silver wings, stuck to our tree. Each one containing a voucher she can redeem once over the next year for various things. Anything from dinner at a restaurant of your choice to other *cough* adult activities.


The tree? Well I’ve copied Al M’s. I think she originally saw the idea in a Donna Hay? Anyhow, my first attempt. Not bad, a little skinny and bumpy. Basic details. Grab yourself some embroidery hoops in various sizes, drill 5 holes equal distances apart in the largest ring (the base) , 5 tall dowelling – drill a hole in one end of each. Then I used bag ties to attach the dowelling to the hoop. Then slip over the other smaller size hoops and attach to the dowel using bag ties. I lacky banded the top of the 5 dowel together. Finally grab a crapload of tulle/netting, in this instance 12 metres and get wrapping and wrapping and scrunching, until you like the way it looks. Oops before you wrap net, stick some lights up the middle of the tree. Then, voile. You’re done.

What else? Ted arrives this Friday….You want to know more? Hmmm well he’s a Pugalier and he’ll be nine weeks old this week. So exciting. I’m sure I’ll bore you all to death with cute pup pics. BTW you seen the latest edition to Lisa’s family? Sooo sweet, I just hope Spud adjusts as well as Margaret has! Congrats Lisa.

Until next time, happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “it’s beginning to look a lot like….

  1. Carson says:

    Fantastic, I’m sure Martha Stewart herself would approve of that tree,
    even the *cough* adult section!
    Well, she’s hip to it I’m sure after her stint in the Slammer 😉


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