TMCT in the house….

Yep, new species. Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtle. I know, original. Made for The Son….well also for me, am I too old for softies? It seems having a child for the sake of making softies is sorta not right 😉


Made using one of Hilary’s fabulous patterns and yes, hand sewing was fun. Great for the evening TV watching and sewing.


Phew, that’s a blog week and a half for me! Tomorrow little Ted arrives so no doubt you’ll all be bored soon by cute puppy pictures. Next up….Christmas baking. Any of you Aussies seen the Donna Hay Christmas mag yet? Not bad. Some new ideas I think. Few recipes worth trying.

Happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “TMCT in the house….

  1. africankelli says:

    Hmm… new handsewn softies and a new puppy. I think that might be the exact recipe for destruction! Just add something stuffed with feathers and you’ve got the icing on the chaos cake.
    Can’t wait to see photos of the new addition to the family.


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