It’s Tedalicious

Ted aka The Ted, Teddy, Tedude or how about very cute but very sookie little fur ball has arrived. He’s small, smells like puppy, sounds like puppy not quite sure if he tastes like puppy, we’ll find out tonight…

I forgot what it’s like to have a pup. One that cries like you are hurting him in the worse possible way by walking out of the room. Talk about pulling on your heartstrings. He is very lovely and warm and sweet and we’re trying very hard to not let him do whatever he wants!

The first in what I’m sure will be a gazillion pictures of Ted on the blog…



14 thoughts on “It’s Tedalicious

  1. ali says:

    so, so cute!
    isn’t it amazing just how many heartstrings those puppy-dog eyes can pull?! helped along by snuggly bellies and floppy ears, of course 🙂


  2. Suzanne G says:

    I love the pics of your new pup.
    Dogs simply live in the moment! We could all take a lesson from the pups we live with.
    You know, roll over to have our tummy scratched each and every time our human sits down nearby, roll about on wet towels & wet grass just ’cause and give abundant wet kisses to those we love. 🙂 Suzanne G in NC


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