damn insomnia

It’s not too late, 12.30am. The Son and Teddyturdalot are snoring their heads off and I find sometimes if I don’t get to sleep before the snoring starts I’m stuffed. Tonight, stuffed. So I get up. Beats staying in bed getting more frustrated.

I had a rush of festive posts for a while. There’s been a pause but there’s crafting happening. Hopefully I’ll get some time to photograph and show and tell before the jolly dude comes. Thanks for all the lovely crafty love lately, makes a girl feel warm and fuzzy πŸ™‚

I’ll also take some more kitchen pics so you can see how she’s looking. I baked my Christmas cakes in her new oven, awesome. Never made Christmas cake before. Al M tells me it’s tasty and moist, or did she just say moist? Anyhow, she didn’t gag down the phone when telling me.

I’ll leave you with some succulents that sit on the outdoor dining table. A peaceful pic, but doesn’t make me damn sleepy!

Stay safe, keep calm and enjoy the festiveness (The Son would say I should take my own advice!).


8 thoughts on “damn insomnia

  1. gina says:

    Just discovered your blog via Levin’s. I can relate to your insomnia! Have been sitting here since 3am.
    Too much thinking/stressing re unfinished Xmas stuff no doubt!
    Anyway, Have enjoyed reading your blog.. those strawberry friands look heavenly ~ thanks for the link and to Milk and Cookies blog..
    Bye for now. :O)


  2. Kelli says:

    My favorite, when curled up next to a snorer, is to have the person say to you the next morning, “Why didn’t you just roll me over?”
    I did, dude. Twice.


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