Belated festive wishes.

This is how Ted and Spud currently show their love, yes love, for one another. Please note Spud is a willing participant in puppy harassment, or puppy love depending who you are. Spud is on his leash as he is an indoor cat. Usually I hold  the leash so Spud has a fighting chance against Ted. I love the way that Spud uses all four paws to play and also that he spends most of the fight laying on his side and sucking in Ted. Much fun.

In case the embedded video’s not working, try this link.

Will try and find the video camera charge cable to show you this in real time and with sound. Very amusing.

One thought on “Belated festive wishes.

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow, they’re really going at it! I especially like the very last frame, where it looks like Spud is about to devour Ted’s head. Makes me wonder if Ted survived!


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