WIP’s ‘n FO’s

Remember the footrest? I’ve been looking for an excuse to make another one and I found one, Al M’s birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t finish it in time, but I did wrap what I had completed and asked her to give it back so I could finish it.

First up, I selected about 20 different fabrics. I then cut 64 2 x 24 inch strips and started picking out sets of 8 strips ending up with 8 sets with 8 strips each.


I cut 8 pieces from calico and started to foundation piece the strips to the calico from the centre out. Trimming seam allowances and ironing seams flat as I added each strip ending up with 8 panels that I will sew together, so far I’ve done four. After this sew the zipper to the base and create the insert for the beans to go into.


The FO? A Mason Dixon Baby Genius Burp Cloth for "The Mo", Al M’s little fella. He’s a little chucker. Knit using Rowan Denim.



It’s been a while since I’ve done any blog swapping for lots of reasons. When I saw that Sarah was organising a mid-winter/summer gocco swap I got excited. Any excuse to use the gocco and receiving other’s work, even better.

So, mid-summer theme….First thing that popped into my head was mosquitoes. This summer has been particularly bad for the little mongrels. I used different paper than I usually use and it’s ok, the blue ink really bled into it. The stock is quite toothy and I think that didn’t help. Must be the pigments used in the blue, the orange and the yellow held up ok.

I made a print, envelope, notebook and some tags. I was going to wrap it all with my own gocco printed linen tape….but it didn’t make the cut. Pieces of it is ok, but I’ll need to perfect my technique for another time.




More pics over at flickr and below a Moleskine I goccoed at Christmas.


cookin’, wipin’, nappin’

Hey ya’ll! Cruising along here at Craftapalooza. First week back at work from Christmas holidays. Thinking about crafting, a few little wip’s on the go. One pictured here, my interpretation of a magazine bowl, it could turn into a pile of pooh, we’ll see. I’m using a 1950’s vintage magazine that’s slightly water damaged.


The table setting you see below is from a dinner party last weekend. Sorry, no food pics. I slow cooked a shoulder of lamb in the barbeque for 4 hours after watching Jamie do it. Loving his new series, be nice to have the time to manage a vegie garden like his. We also had roasted potatoes, pumpkin and peas. YUM. Finished off with lemon friands and lemon curd, with cream. Double yum yum!


What else? General home stuff. Hanging pictures, attempting to hang blinds. What was that? Cleaned and tidied the craft room? Ummm not quite, started today, will try and finish this week. We’ve started taking Teddy Turdalot aka Teddy 2 Turds aka Teddy Rooster aka Teddy Turdmuncher* for walks now that he’s had his 12 week injections. He’s perfecting the art of sofa napping as you can see.


* Eeeeeew. We now have to find a spot high up for Spud’s litter. Ted’s discovered the delights of kitty turds. GROSS. I’ve already had to wash one poop mustache off his face. DOUBLE TRIPLE GROSS. The joys of dog ownership.

more underbelly

I’m showing and shaming publicly to get my a-into-gear to FINALLY sort and organise the crafty space so I can actually craft without wrestling.

This is currently what my desk looks like, well part of my desk and about a quarter of the room. The other 3/4’s of the room is messy like this. Eek.


I’ve started to organise. I’ve used the Ikea Asker system and a magnetic board to the right. Above the Asker will go a shelf. That’s a start. I don’t know if you could call this an Ikea hack. I’ve converted the paper towel holder to a ribbon holder. Overall I’m liking this. So hopefully, this weekend I’ll get the rest of the room sorted and can share the space with you.

I know it’s a little overdue…

But thought you guys might still be interested.

I made some decorations for last year’s tree, that sounds odd, last year! Wowzers, 2007 was a monster year for me. More about that later.

Wool stars, based on the Purl Bee’s tutorial. Wool from Miss Minnie!


Mushrooms from this awesome tutorial, I skipped the moss base and went for a metal loop at the head of the mushroom. These were time consuming but addictive and fun to make.


Glitter hearts. These were made by painting polystyrene hearts and then whilst they were still wet sprinkling them with fine glitter. For scale the silver stars are approximately 1mm across. Easy!



AND I knitted Baby Bobbi Bear for The Son using Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton. However his name is Brown Eye the Bear.


2007! Wow, I was definitely blessed last year. Well blessed at the end of 2006 when The Son and I met. We’ve had an amazing year together. I reckon it must be love as no-one has made me this happy or as pissed at times! As I have her. I won’t go into lots of details here but will say thank you Son. Thank you for making my life more full, fun and joyous than I could ever imagine.

Oh ok, for those of you who want more cute puppy pictures. Here you go. See the nice dry, half dead lawn? Care of the stupid 40C days we’ve been having.



Happy crafting!