cookin’, wipin’, nappin’

Hey ya’ll! Cruising along here at Craftapalooza. First week back at work from Christmas holidays. Thinking about crafting, a few little wip’s on the go. One pictured here, my interpretation of a magazine bowl, it could turn into a pile of pooh, we’ll see. I’m using a 1950’s vintage magazine that’s slightly water damaged.


The table setting you see below is from a dinner party last weekend. Sorry, no food pics. I slow cooked a shoulder of lamb in the barbeque for 4 hours after watching Jamie do it. Loving his new series, be nice to have the time to manage a vegie garden like his. We also had roasted potatoes, pumpkin and peas. YUM. Finished off with lemon friands and lemon curd, with cream. Double yum yum!


What else? General home stuff. Hanging pictures, attempting to hang blinds. What was that? Cleaned and tidied the craft room? Ummm not quite, started today, will try and finish this week. We’ve started taking Teddy Turdalot aka Teddy 2 Turds aka Teddy Rooster aka Teddy Turdmuncher* for walks now that he’s had his 12 week injections. He’s perfecting the art of sofa napping as you can see.


* Eeeeeew. We now have to find a spot high up for Spud’s litter. Ted’s discovered the delights of kitty turds. GROSS. I’ve already had to wash one poop mustache off his face. DOUBLE TRIPLE GROSS. The joys of dog ownership.

17 thoughts on “cookin’, wipin’, nappin’

  1. jac says:

    Cute photo! I feel your pain on the dog cleaning crew — less than two hours ago I was running towards my cat as he hoiked up a hairball, but it was GONE before I got there. The ever-hovering dog had that sucker pretty much before it hit the ground. Ergh. I mean, great I didn’t have to clean it up, but. ERGH.


  2. Sam says:

    I’ve had the same problem with a puppy moving into a previously only cat home. I just put a baby gate thing in the door to the bathroom that the kitty litter is in. My little sheltie can’t jump over it and the cat can, so problem solved.


  3. Liz says:

    Yeah, my rottie does that too. Apparently cat poo tastes like cat food, or at least that is what DH says. We have taken to calling it “fishing for treats”. Every now and then she doesn’t finish said treat and I wind up stepping on it on my way to the bathroom.
    EW, EW, EWWWW!
    I feel your pain.


  4. mo says:

    I feel your pain- our dog ate one out on a walk the other night. It was dark and my hubby didn’t realize until it was in his mouth so he actually fished it out with his finger! I love that dog though- poop eating and all.


  5. Tabitha says:

    We always called those particular doggie treats “kitty roca”. They’re a lot like almond roca with the soft center and crunchy kitty litter outside. Ewwwww! Gotta love them!


  6. Nicole says:

    Yeah thanks for the warning’s guys about cat kakka and dogs! LOL I was sort of in denial thinking, he won’t eat it.. Um nope he love it. ICK.
    LOL – Kitty Roca – love it.


  7. Kimmer says:

    Have you considered an automatic litter box? I bought one as a gift to myself several years ago. Saves on the “kittie snickers” events!


  8. melinda says:

    Oh my goodness! Ted is gorgeous. Has he stopped with the peeing in his bed yet? Thankfully Chewie’s bed wetting episode seems to have ceased…. well, fingers crossed it lasts. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.


  9. Knittenjen says:

    How have you cute you paper? The link you provided goes to a bowl made with folded paper (like bias tape?) Actually – the little tape folding contraptions Clover sells would work great for that …. Is that what you are planning. Anyway, I’m doing a lot of paper cutting into strips and so would be really interesed in your process. Thanks!


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