It’s been a while since I’ve done any blog swapping for lots of reasons. When I saw that Sarah was organising a mid-winter/summer gocco swap I got excited. Any excuse to use the gocco and receiving other’s work, even better.

So, mid-summer theme….First thing that popped into my head was mosquitoes. This summer has been particularly bad for the little mongrels. I used different paper than I usually use and it’s ok, the blue ink really bled into it. The stock is quite toothy and I think that didn’t help. Must be the pigments used in the blue, the orange and the yellow held up ok.

I made a print, envelope, notebook and some tags. I was going to wrap it all with my own gocco printed linen tape….but it didn’t make the cut. Pieces of it is ok, but I’ll need to perfect my technique for another time.




More pics over at flickr and below a Moleskine I goccoed at Christmas.


8 thoughts on “swappin’

  1. leslie says:

    me, too. me, too. thank you for the reminder. and the inspiration. i need to get going on my gocco swap projects. your stationery looks really, really good.


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