Egbert and The Knots


Meet Egbert and The Knots rocking out on my living room table. Planning for Easter, I know, silly, but true.

I could wax lyrical about Egbert but it’s Friday and my brain’s not functioning well enough to conjure up some witty post for you all! Doesn’t mean I love you any less, just brain tired.

A little detail. He’s knit from left over sock yarn, Lorna’s Laces, Bittersweet I think. Pattern I cobbled together. If any of you are interested leave a comment and I’ll write it up.


Current obsession, punch needle embroidery! Go figure.

14 thoughts on “Egbert and The Knots

  1. shanwen says:

    egg cosy ! it is so adorable,by the way, no, it is not too early, i saw people paint easter days already!If you can write a pattern, that will be very nice 🙂


  2. kathleen says:

    Your egg hats were so cute that I had to make my own! I got a little obsessed and my husband was giving me those ‘you are a mentalist’ looks, but I don’t care! I typed a pattern out, but they turned out a little different to yours. Please do look at my blog as I think only my brother does!


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