body washer monster?

EDIT: Thanks for the Egbert love in the last post. I’ll pull finger and get writing up a pattern.

Well howdy ya’ll! How are you? Me, just dandy! Though wishing this feral summer heat would let up a little. What else? Thinking about Easter crafting and the week I’ll have off, the sewing I’d like to do and movies I’d like to watch. Hopefully The Son will be on leave with me and we can hang out together.

The Ted and Spud are doing well. Spud secretly loves Ted, but as Mummy Son says he just has trouble expressing his emotions sometimes. Translation, he bites and attacks and stirs. Though having lived with this cat for over 6 years I can see he enjoys Ted. Enjoys tearing around the house and egging the pup on, enjoys the play and mostly enjoys the wrestle. Maybe not so much the saliva, sharp teeth and claws sometimes, but generally enjoys.


For those puppy lovers here’s Turdalot at about 17 weeks. Man they grow up quick! I know, cliched, but they do! He’s very sweet, if a little naughty. What you see here is morning time whilst we’re getting ready for work. Teddy Rooster (Mummy Son’s name for him) tethered to the dining room table with a treat or two and a little puppy matt, sewn very quickly and roughly by me, fabric choice, The Son.

I’ve been spending a little of time over at Ravelry. Man it ROCKS. Anyhow, I found this awesome wash cloth pattern for a lion….Not having yellow/orange cotton I decided to use what was in the stash and have ended up with a wash cloth monster. Still fun. Of course it’s for us to use, never too old for a monster wash cloth.


For those of you with access to Ravelry, here’s the link to the lion pattern and my initial inspiration. I knitted the 2 strand version.

Whilst I was in the bathroom thought I’d show you guys some of the fun stuff.

Decals on the mirror, purchased from Vinyl Wall Art. As you can see I need a remote for the camera.




Some framed prints, two from Zakkaya in Melbourne. Purchased when shopping with Al and Di a few years ago. The other from a Japanese spostcard book. Very cheap frames from Ikea. Quick, simple and fun.

Oh and last Saturday night we went and saw Rufus Wainwright who was awesome. Just gorgeous, entertaining and a stunning voice.

Until next time, happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “body washer monster?

  1. Helena says:

    I adore your Teddy….I look at him and he reminds me of that movie…Turner and Hooch..remember the Hooch baby at the end. Well, Teddy has that pooch beat by a million cutie points. More photos of little Ted snoozing. He is a doll. I just want to mush his little face. Don’t get me going on how I love the smooth pads on his enormous paws. Whew! I just had to say I think your pup is very cute.


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