sh*t on the liver

Or pillow crease face. This is how I woke up this morning, feeling cranky and frowny. So, this post, not a lot of words just pictures. Everything’s great, my life is awesome, but I still wake up sometimes with sh*t on the liver. *Sigh*. Saying that The Son did have me crying tears of laughter on the freeway this morning.

WIP – Valentine Sequin Scarf. Love the yarn.


FO’s. T-Bot using one of Hilary’s awesome patterns for a friends little fella.

Felty goodness. After seeing Sarah’s awesome garland it reminded me that I had this book, thanks Miss Kate, and that I should have a play.


and this one too big to be a brooch I think but a patch on a denim jacket? Or handbag?

and a birdie bookmark

More house? Ok. Here’s parts of our bedroom. These lanters are in my corner of the bedroom. I love love love them.


The wall at the end of the bed, no the whole room is not this colour, just one wall. Ironically the colour is called Lickedy Lick. Not quite colour accurate here, it’s more pink than red.

Ok, I think looking at this little monkey could help cure anyone’s sh*t on the liver. Well that’s if he’s not peeing somewhere you’d prefer he didn’t, or chasing the cat, or running off with the knickers you’ve just taken off at the end of the day, or digging a hole to China in the backyard….you get the idea.

Happy crafting peeps.

7 thoughts on “sh*t on the liver

  1. hillary says:

    look how cute your header is! I need to get out of my bloglines more often.
    love your robot!
    hear you on the cranky. although in my case it’s because it’s snowing for the gazillionth day in a row. probably not your situation 😉


  2. Rachel says:

    Yet another fantastic phrase to add to my repetoire. I think I need to start making “Aussies are more fun” t-shirts. The lanterns are awesome. Are they lit with candles or electricity.


  3. di says:

    Gawd. Shit may be on your liver love, but you can still do a delightful blog post.
    I do like your bedroom wall colour… I used to have a wall of “Swedish Blue” in my bedroom which always gave me a giggle, but no where near as amusing as your wall!


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