Teddy No Nuts


Yep, it’s become a puppy blog…I had the past week off work for various reasons, house fix-ups, time out and Teddy 2 Turds went in to get neutered, which didn’t slow him down one bit! I didn’t get as much crafting finished or started as I would have hoped but I did attack the crafty room and you can now walk into it and find stuff!

So crafting? Lots of small projects.


I saw this baby kokeshi pattern over at The Moch and pounced. Now mine haven’t turned out quite as cute, I couldn’t find a super matt varnish so they’re a little shiny. They look like they have bad t-zones! Still, fun pattern and I’d try again.


After seeing Alicia’s, Jane’s and then Fran’s ripples, I got sucked into the ripple. Initially I was thinking Debbie  Bliss Cashmerino Aran, but impatience led me to the stash and the ripping out of an existing wip. I’m using Jo Sharp Cotton DK, cotton’s probably not the best choice but I’m still happy with how it’s progressing. I’ll probably add some charcoal, black and some other colour. Depending how this one turns out I think I’ll still do the  Cashmerino version just for soft squishyness.


Moving right along….I bought one of Sarah’s Clothespin Doll Kits and had fun putting these two gals together. I used some of my own stash in addition to the fabrics that came with the kit. Highly recommend these, quick and very satisfying.


Finally a quick sewn gift for The Mo this Easter, a Wee Big Footed Bunny. A tricky little pattern that had me furrowing my brow and almost having a crafty tanty, but I prayed to the crafty dudes and they came through. Made using a denim shirt I used to wear over 12 years ago. Lovely soft denim. White flannel accents and little animal print overalls.

In the wings? Two more cushions in progress for the lounge. A quilt for The Son and I. A denim/flannel chenille blankie and a gazillion other knit projects and ideas.

I’ll leave you with some of my current etsy favourites. Corrabelle – awesome hand carved block prints. Good-ness – lots of Japanese goodness, Leslie rocks. Angela Liguori – lovely Italian cotton ribbon and other treasures. Cotton Bird Designs – sweet little birds. Allyson Hill – excellent car bin bags, perfect for our new Mazda2 🙂

“King Tut from Turd Island”

Is what came out of The Son’s mouth in the middle of the night last week when we were having a 2am special moment with Sir Turdalot, our 22 week Pugalier (for those interested in the breed). Which subsequently got The Spud up, excited and joining in the fun. This had me cackling with sleepy laughter, she then dryly fired off "another fine f***ing moment in pet ownership" which had both of us giggling and Turdalot very excited at the middle of the night hilarity.


Yes this story is intended to distract you at the lack of crafting, so is the cute puppy pic. There’s been crafting, but it’s been scattered and disjointed. I still need to finish Al M’s footrest. For those that have asked for a pattern I’m not sure I can share. It was from a class I did at a local fabric store, although their pattern was an adaptation of a Kaffe Fassett pattern. I’ll try and find the original pattern that I received and see if there are are any copyright issues, though I’d say there is.

I was also intending on writing up the egg cosy pattern, luckily Kathleen over at Knittyknit’s done one that is very similar. If you’d like to do one like mine, instead of casting off the 3 final stitches start knitting an i-cord for the length you’d prefer and then cast off. EASY! I’ve started a knitted egg cosy flickr group, please post pictures of any knitted or crochet egg cosy’s not just this pattern.


I’ve made a couple of itty bitty felt bunny’s from Last-Minute Fabric Gifts. He stands about 5cm tall not including his ears and below is one of three patchwork cushions for the living room. This one’s finished, the other two are in various stages of patchwork and I hope to finish them on my holiday’s in a couple of week’s time.


Thanks to my mid Winter gocco swappers! Hope you guys enjoyed yours, I loved receiving mine.

I’ve been playing and playing Feist’s album "The Reminder", it rocks (do I sound old saying that??). You might be familiar with their song "1, 2, 3, 4".

Until next time, happy crafting!