“King Tut from Turd Island”

Is what came out of The Son’s mouth in the middle of the night last week when we were having a 2am special moment with Sir Turdalot, our 22 week Pugalier (for those interested in the breed). Which subsequently got The Spud up, excited and joining in the fun. This had me cackling with sleepy laughter, she then dryly fired off "another fine f***ing moment in pet ownership" which had both of us giggling and Turdalot very excited at the middle of the night hilarity.


Yes this story is intended to distract you at the lack of crafting, so is the cute puppy pic. There’s been crafting, but it’s been scattered and disjointed. I still need to finish Al M’s footrest. For those that have asked for a pattern I’m not sure I can share. It was from a class I did at a local fabric store, although their pattern was an adaptation of a Kaffe Fassett pattern. I’ll try and find the original pattern that I received and see if there are are any copyright issues, though I’d say there is.

I was also intending on writing up the egg cosy pattern, luckily Kathleen over at Knittyknit’s done one that is very similar. If you’d like to do one like mine, instead of casting off the 3 final stitches start knitting an i-cord for the length you’d prefer and then cast off. EASY! I’ve started a knitted egg cosy flickr group, please post pictures of any knitted or crochet egg cosy’s not just this pattern.


I’ve made a couple of itty bitty felt bunny’s from Last-Minute Fabric Gifts. He stands about 5cm tall not including his ears and below is one of three patchwork cushions for the living room. This one’s finished, the other two are in various stages of patchwork and I hope to finish them on my holiday’s in a couple of week’s time.


Thanks to my mid Winter gocco swappers! Hope you guys enjoyed yours, I loved receiving mine.

I’ve been playing and playing Feist’s album "The Reminder", it rocks (do I sound old saying that??). You might be familiar with their song "1, 2, 3, 4".

Until next time, happy crafting!

8 thoughts on ““King Tut from Turd Island”

  1. Bianca says:

    Haha the life of a pet owner. We are in cat fight hell here at the moment.
    I saw Feist last weekend, she is awesome! Have a listen to her ‘Let it Die’ album, it’s great too.


  2. Michelle says:

    doggies are the best company ever!! i have two of them and when i see them play with each other, all you can do is laugh at them. they bring soooooo much joy. my little girl is a pugalier too ^_^


  3. Veronica Darling says:

    Your pillow is soooo yummy! We love orange in the loungeroom here at my house (my couch is vintage 60s black and orange) so I always get excited by orange!
    I’ll have to go look at that Last Minute site you mentioned – sounds awesome!


  4. Karissa says:

    I have just discovered your blog from a link in someone elses and I was reading and was shocked at the language. Let me explain. I am an Aussie living in America and boy are they uptight over here. It is so nice to see someone who says ‘turd’ and includes curse words, even censored ones in their blog. I look forward to reading all the previous posts and future ones. The puppy is adorable. Welcome to my desktop.


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