Mother of all vase covers

Yeah I was struggling to come up with a title for this little ripper. As you can guess this is a Mother’s Day gift (BTW happy MD this Sunday to all my bloggie and real world motherly friend types). After The Son saw it, she said "I want that one"…. and I said why *#$%  didn’t you say that a week ago. So I still have another to make for my other mother.*


The pattern is from Amy Butler’s "Sew-it Kit". I pretty much followed the pattern aside from the bit where I ran out of fabric for the strap and had to improvise with twill tape. Fabric: Lotta Jansdotter from the lovely Leslie (no I’m not pimping fabric for her, I just love buying from her). I ended up buying a vase to use with the cover, I think the intention is to use a jar. The "flowers" are knitting needles, not having any flowers available a quick improvise was needed.

Quite a nice little project, though as with a lot of Amy’s patterns, they look simple and clean but there are lots of little details in them! Deceptively detailed.


Song for the week? Goin’ vintage on you with Chaka Khan "I feel for you", holy crap a hit from 1984!

* An aside that cracks me up….When speaking to Ted I often say "where’s your brother from another mother" ie the cat. Funny? No? Well it makes me chuckle.

5 thoughts on “Mother of all vase covers

  1. Rachel says:

    “I Feel For You” brings me right back to the 7th grade. We’d go rollerskating on Saturday night. I remember couple skating to this song with a boy that had incredibly red hair and a mother that baked amazing treats.
    I’ve never really considered that my vases need a cover… but this looks very cool, Nic.


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