Yarn fever

It’s been a while since I’ve had Yarn Fever…..you know the "I must
have it…" type of feeling. This week whilst I was playing in Ravelry
I found this scarf, link to blog post
for those that aren’t fortunate enough to have Ravelry membership :0).
And I was all oooh lovely scarf, what’s that yarn, looks like Noro, and it IS. A new Noro,
Taiyo, a cotton/wool/silk mix bulky yarn. YUMMMMY.  Also helps that I’m
on a crochet kick at the moment.


Picture fleeced from: Fire Brunette Knitting.

Useful little link over at Knitpicker, Etsy Yarn and Supplies shops….Dangerous!

4 thoughts on “Yarn fever

  1. Fran says:

    Looks great. I ditched my wonky rug BUT want to have another go. Crochet is kind of addictive, yeah? Hope you and S and T are all well.xxx


  2. cookie says:

    looks very cool!
    quite similar to the one in an earlier post?
    will definately have to make one..
    are you going to the quilt/craft fair?


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