not so alpaca weaves

More crochet. Very quick and great stash busting project. I’ve had quite a bit of Marta’s slubby sitting here and not really any idea for a project. The slubby in the top picture below was a gift from Di over 2-3 years ago!

Pattern, Alapaca Weaves Scarf. Link. I made 3 in one evening of crap TV watching.

Instead of 4 strands weaving through, I just used the remainder of the slubby cake. I like the way they’ve turned out.

The blue one, using some Handpainted Yarn’s yarn that I’ve had for eons, is up for grabs. First to comment "weave me baby" gets it. I’ll post it anywhere in the world. Details, ravel it.




8 thoughts on “not so alpaca weaves

  1. di says:

    {blushing} Actually, I think the true skill is in the crafter finding the perfect project for the given yarn. Something you’ve done brilliantly of course.


  2. Melissa says:

    Ohhhh. It arrived (well, it’s been at the post office for a week but life conspired to keep me at large). I picked it up today. It is so beautiful – the blues are gorgeous and it is more like a necklace than a scarf. Thank you. Smile. Smile.


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