weekly joy for you guys!

Thanks for voting and leaving comments, much appreciated! Well, even though the comments left weighed heavily towards a monthly giveaway the poll says weekly 🙂 So, weekly it is, starting later this month…Let’s see if I can keep the momentum up for 52 weeks and you guys stay interested, could turn into "oh not another bloody tissue holder". We’ll see.


The robot is a gift for a work friend’s birthday, details on Ravelry, it’s one of Beth Doherty’s patterns. I love her styling and ideas, however I found the pattern a little frustrating and lacking in detail. But I managed 🙂 even though he’s ended up with platform shoes and longer legs.

I’m hoping some of you crafty bloggers will join me on Plurk, if you do come find me, craftapalooza, of course. It’s a whole lotta fun and better than Twitter. AND it’s a very friendly online community.

A winner and a poll

Thanks to those of you that left comments on the embroidery hoops. Glad you liked it and wow, you guys have all sorts of shake your booty music taste! My favourite booty shakin’ song? Usually something vintage by Stevie Wonder or Groove Armada. The winner has been randomly selected and it’s comment 25, Dr Carrie from What Carrie & Friends Made for Dinner.


So, here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking that during the next blog year (27 July is my blog birthday) that I’d do a 52 week giveaway leading up to the 5th year. The 5th year, dunno what I’ll do yet but it’ll be something. Then I was all "52 weeks, 52 THINGS I need to make…, will that be interesting?, are there enough of you out there to enter each week?"

This is where you guys come in. Should I run a 52 week tissue holder and random surprise giveaway OR a monthly giveaway? Below is a poll, and if you’re in an RSS reader, come on over the fence out of your of reader and vote. You guys will be deciding as I can’t. The picture above is a peak of some of the potential fabrics I’ll be using and the first holder up for grabs is pictured below, whether we do a weekly or monthly giveaway.


Get to it…vote! Thanks in advance. Poll will be open for the next week or so.


An embroidery hoop pictures tutorial – but don’t cry me a river

25 August 2009 – Hi if you're visiting from Sew,Mama,Sew! Thanks for dropping in. I've just added the template, it's slightly different from below and includes 3 different sizes. Enjoy!

Link to template

Yep, that's one long post title.

You all would have seen the hoops that the Purl Bee did? Here's the link. Here's an adaption I did as a call for submission for a craft book but it was rejected. Never mind! I still have another proposal that's been accepted, so there! This one was done very quickly off the cuff over a couple of nights so the idea evolved a little as I went. A tutorial follows. I've also done a cupcake and matryoshka version I'll post them at a later date. You can use these however you'd like, gifts, sell, make for yourselves. I'd love to see if you guys make any, please join the embroidery hoop pictures group over at flickr. Make your own designs! I'll add the apple, leaves and stem cutouts as a jpg tomorrow, it's late and I've got to draw them up. The ones you see here have been cut on the fly.

So here we go….

Materials: Embroidery hoop, fabric for backing and overlay, wool felt and embroidery thread.

First up, cut out your felt pieces.


Then iron your backing fabric and insert into hoop whilst it's warm, this will crease the fabric and act as a guide when you're laying out your design.


Remove from hoop and see below, creased.


Then lay your design on the backing fabric working out where everything will sit, how high or low do you want your table top for your apple to sit on? At this point I usually iron on double sided fusing onto the "table" fabric and then iron this piece to the backing. Just helps it sit nicely.


I then machine sewed on a line of ric rac, up to you at this point whether you'd like do this or embellish any other way. Then insert the fabric back into the hoop. DON'T glue it in yet.


Still with me? By the way I've just stopped for a pee break and a cuppa and embroidered the apple on to the backing below. See? Pretty hey? Pinking shear the excess fabric off. I usually cut the fabric to about half an inch (1.5cm).



Then glue the excess fabric to the hoop back, see the Purl Bee tutorial for this part if you don't know how. And voila! Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Enjoy your hoop.


So, see the finished one above, would you like it? Yep, I'm looking for you guys to leave a comment and I'll randomly generate a number to draw a winner. I'll post it anywhere in the world. Just leave a comment letting me know your favourite shake your booty song whilst cleaning or whatever to motivate yourself. I'll close comments Monday morning 23 June.

I'll leave you with a song for the weekend. Not exactly my motivational move my booty song…but one I love. Cry me a river? Babs sure will, why? Just for the absolute drama. Link.

Sleepy Sunday

Recipe to a perfect Sunday morning. Lazy sleep-in, followed by bacon and egg pies (no pictures, trust me they rocked), tea, trashy tv, hand quilting, more tea…Of course none of it would be as special without The Son.


To come? Homemade split pea and vegie soup and later, afternoon tea at Al M’s. *Sigh* perfect.

This quilt top I’ve had finished for over 3 years I think. I’m no Jane Brocket when it comes to quilting and my style has changed a little since I made this top, however I think this will be a nice couch snuggling quilt. I still suffer from frozen quilt syndrome. What’s that? Well it’s that making tops is ok, it’s the QUILTING that’s terrifying. I have a machine that will cope now, it’s just in my head! So I did chicken with this quilt and am hand-quilting it, next one, on the machine. I promise.


Thanks for all the lovely comments on the upcoming fourth birthday. I look forward to celebrating it with you guys.

Keep crafting!


Why is it so much fun to torment the cat? This was Ted’s puppy t-shirt that we bought in those early days of puppyhood and of course he’s never worn it. Happy Caturday!

Entitled, "I am so going to crap in your shoe later"


Followed by, "Ha! Crapped in your shoe".


a whole buncha* stuff

Well hello there. Only one week between posts, slowly getting back to a blog rhythm. I’ve recently decided that I’d like to ramp the blog up a little, get more interaction happening, get you lurkers to comment. I know you’re there, you’re in my stats, you’re just not commenting. I know also that I post not asking for feedback and that I’ve also not been as interesting lately! As next month is my 4 year blog anniversary I’ll be running a competition and also have a 52 week giveaway. Yup, 52 weeks. Nothing huge, just a little something. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Also, Lovely Leslie (that’s what I say in my head when I read her blog or buy from her shop) is having a blogiversary giveaway. You need to let her know your crafty goals for the next year.

Do any of you do this? Whenever I read Angry Chicken, the first thought that goes though my head is WHY is the chicken angry? Or am I missing something?

The picture? That’s just to distract you. I have lots of WIP’s, ideas, an invite to submit a pattern to a craft book (yay!), just no new pics.

I’m working on blog renovations too, so you’ll notice things happening if you come out of your RSS reader and visit the site.

Don’t you reckon this is what Rapunzel’s plaits would look like?


* Buncha – Aussie (I think) slang for bunch of.