An embroidery hoop pictures tutorial – but don’t cry me a river

25 August 2009 – Hi if you're visiting from Sew,Mama,Sew! Thanks for dropping in. I've just added the template, it's slightly different from below and includes 3 different sizes. Enjoy!

Link to template

Yep, that's one long post title.

You all would have seen the hoops that the Purl Bee did? Here's the link. Here's an adaption I did as a call for submission for a craft book but it was rejected. Never mind! I still have another proposal that's been accepted, so there! This one was done very quickly off the cuff over a couple of nights so the idea evolved a little as I went. A tutorial follows. I've also done a cupcake and matryoshka version I'll post them at a later date. You can use these however you'd like, gifts, sell, make for yourselves. I'd love to see if you guys make any, please join the embroidery hoop pictures group over at flickr. Make your own designs! I'll add the apple, leaves and stem cutouts as a jpg tomorrow, it's late and I've got to draw them up. The ones you see here have been cut on the fly.

So here we go….

Materials: Embroidery hoop, fabric for backing and overlay, wool felt and embroidery thread.

First up, cut out your felt pieces.


Then iron your backing fabric and insert into hoop whilst it's warm, this will crease the fabric and act as a guide when you're laying out your design.


Remove from hoop and see below, creased.


Then lay your design on the backing fabric working out where everything will sit, how high or low do you want your table top for your apple to sit on? At this point I usually iron on double sided fusing onto the "table" fabric and then iron this piece to the backing. Just helps it sit nicely.


I then machine sewed on a line of ric rac, up to you at this point whether you'd like do this or embellish any other way. Then insert the fabric back into the hoop. DON'T glue it in yet.


Still with me? By the way I've just stopped for a pee break and a cuppa and embroidered the apple on to the backing below. See? Pretty hey? Pinking shear the excess fabric off. I usually cut the fabric to about half an inch (1.5cm).



Then glue the excess fabric to the hoop back, see the Purl Bee tutorial for this part if you don't know how. And voila! Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Enjoy your hoop.


So, see the finished one above, would you like it? Yep, I'm looking for you guys to leave a comment and I'll randomly generate a number to draw a winner. I'll post it anywhere in the world. Just leave a comment letting me know your favourite shake your booty song whilst cleaning or whatever to motivate yourself. I'll close comments Monday morning 23 June.

I'll leave you with a song for the weekend. Not exactly my motivational move my booty song…but one I love. Cry me a river? Babs sure will, why? Just for the absolute drama. Link.

31 thoughts on “An embroidery hoop pictures tutorial – but don’t cry me a river

  1. jennifer w. says:

    These are great! This is totally the type of project I would have chosen to do from a craft book. What can I say – there’s no accounting for taste (even by book editors)


  2. Crafty Diane says:

    Really cute hoop! Love the idea! My favorite get me moving song is Love’s Theme by the Love Unlimited Orchestra! I have a very old cassette by Barry White and this is the first song on it. No words just music! I love to listen to the whole cassette while I am cutting and sewing!
    Have a Blessed Day,


  3. Bertha says:

    Not sure I can only pick one awesome booty song, but I generally have to go with disco. I listen to all kinds of music, but disco is definitely the one that gets me motivated to move around. If I have to pick one, I’d go with “Don’t leave me this way” by Thelma Houston! It starts out slow, but then kicks up, so especially good for working out!


  4. lucykate crafts... says:

    what a lovely idea. i’m almost ashamed to admit that i listen to kylie when i’m doing the housework, the kids quite enjoy jumping around in the kitchen to a fair few of her tunes!, when i’m sewing i’m much more reserved and go for crafty podcasts!


  5. suzy says:

    That is super cute. The craft book’s loss is our gain – ta for sharing the tutorial.
    I will only vacuum if Blondie’s Atomic is on very loud.


  6. Valerie says:

    What a great idea. Thank you for the tutorial. When I’m cleaning I usually put something like my Fallen album by Evanescence, or some classic rock like Styx…


  7. Natch says:

    So cute! I’ve really been meaning to do something like this for a while. Lately I’ve been really motivated by the New Pornographers… sort of mellow and motivating at the same time- good for when I’m out walking around doing errands or out on my bike or something. I was going to try to name a specific song but I can’t pick one! ;P haha


  8. suse says:

    How serendipitous that you posted this apple today of all days. Please see your letterbox early next week 😉
    As for songs, Jane from Yarnstorm once told me she listens to Blue Suede Shoes when she hoovers the lounge room.
    Personally I like R.E.S.P.E.C.T. A little Aretha takes the edge off scrubbing the shower base.


  9. Average Jane Crafter says:

    I love this tutorial – thank you! I love seeing the fabric-in-hoop idea taken to another level. Fantastic!
    As for shake-your-booty songs … I’ve got to admit that “Hey Ya” by Outkast is a huge favorite of mine. I haven’t actually listened to it while cleaning house (though that is a fabulous idea) but when it comes to booty shaking, that’s the first one that pops into my head! 🙂


  10. dawn in nl says:

    I love the hoop and tutorial. My shake-your-booty song is Dire Straits Walk of Life, I just cant hear it without shaking my booty – can be embarrassing 😉


  11. Angie says:

    Very nice (and funny, loving the pee break and cuppa part) tutorial! I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks so much!
    ~Found via Craftzine blog~


  12. susan says:

    sweet tute! i will make myself one of these this weekend for sure
    hmmmm shake your booty while you clean, song… has to be groove is in the heart, by dee light.
    this would be well taken care of in my home, should you chose to select moi as the winner!


  13. Deborah Bourque says:

    That really came out nice, I can’t believe it was rejected! I clean the house and do assorted things to the any music by Bruce Springsteen! Get’s me in a good mood and up for just about anything.


  14. drcarrie says:

    Very cute embroidery!! I’m getting back into some embroidery after a hiatus– ah, good to be home.
    My all-time favorite shake yo booty song for cleaning or cooking is “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” by Michael Jackson. My latest favorite, however, is “Kids” by MGMT. Check it out!!


  15. Christine says:

    I cant embroider to save my life (o.k. that’s a bit dramatic as I have embroidered maybe twice in my life ) but I would love to enter your drawing since you can embroider and so nicely I might add!
    Hmm…a shaking song..well since I have a two year old we listen to Dan Zane’s a bit and his song “Jump up” is great. As far as adult music I’d have to say anything by the Gypsy Kings or Crystal Method or both at the same time would help get the cleaning done.


  16. nicole says:

    Hey! Thanks for playing everyone and for the great comments. love your booty shakin’ songs.
    OK. Comments are “closed” from here on, only comments from before this will go into the draw. Later tonight when I get home I’ll post it. Thanks again!


  17. Shannon says:

    Great tutorial. I foresee an embroidery hoop buying spree in my future. My favorite shake my booty song while cleaning is “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D and the Boys.


  18. Tina says:

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    Our company produce nonwoven interlining and embroidery backing.If you need please contact us.I will give you a best price.I am waiting for your good news.
    Best Regards
    Yours Tina


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