A winner and a poll

Thanks to those of you that left comments on the embroidery hoops. Glad you liked it and wow, you guys have all sorts of shake your booty music taste! My favourite booty shakin’ song? Usually something vintage by Stevie Wonder or Groove Armada. The winner has been randomly selected and it’s comment 25, Dr Carrie from What Carrie & Friends Made for Dinner.


So, here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking that during the next blog year (27 July is my blog birthday) that I’d do a 52 week giveaway leading up to the 5th year. The 5th year, dunno what I’ll do yet but it’ll be something. Then I was all "52 weeks, 52 THINGS I need to make…, will that be interesting?, are there enough of you out there to enter each week?"

This is where you guys come in. Should I run a 52 week tissue holder and random surprise giveaway OR a monthly giveaway? Below is a poll, and if you’re in an RSS reader, come on over the fence out of your of reader and vote. You guys will be deciding as I can’t. The picture above is a peak of some of the potential fabrics I’ll be using and the first holder up for grabs is pictured below, whether we do a weekly or monthly giveaway.


Get to it…vote! Thanks in advance. Poll will be open for the next week or so.


13 thoughts on “A winner and a poll

  1. erin says:

    i said monthly mostly because i know i could never keep up with a weekly deal myself! either way – it is completely generous of you.


  2. Rosa says:

    All that fabric is fabulous. I think monthly will keep you on your creative toes, but won’t be so overwhelming if “life” gets in the way of your being able to meet a deadline.


  3. Emma says:

    I agree – I voted for monthly because I don’t know how I’d keep up with making and sending things out weekly! Either way is extremely generous of you, but it also sounds like lots of fun.
    PS. Some of thoe pins in your pin cushion look awfully cute!


  4. nicole says:

    Hey ya’ll. I did think about the weekly thing. The tissue holders I can sew in lots of 10 easily enough, so that’d be 5 sewing sessions for a year. Postage wise, it’s a tissue holder, it’s small so it won’t cost a huge amount to post and the cost over the year wont’ be too excessive. 🙂 But I love that you care! Let’s see what the poll throws back.


  5. Jessica says:

    I’m also thinking that a monthly giveaway would be best too (this is so generous of you!) – would mean that as a less regular visitor I could have a chance of entering one or two…
    I must remember to do a give away on my blog soon…


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