Universal independent fabric and sewing store map

Have I told you guys yet how cool it is to receive all your comment love? Well it is. Makes me all mooshy inside! Thanks for helping kick-off the first week of "52 weeks of nose". Comments are now closed on the post. When I post next weeks 52WofN I’ll announce the winner.


My latest blog crush is Kim’s TrueUp. For those of you that have even a vague interest in textiles/fabric you should be reading this blog. Yep, using the word SHOULD here! I love her Daily Swatch, this week is featuring Birds. There’s also weekly sale alerts each Sunday, and show us your stash, including showing your favourite contemporary fabric and a flickr pool. The reason I was also mentioning TrueUp is Kim’s pointed us to a Google Map that’s been created for sharing the locations of our local independent sewing and fabric shops. I’ve added Calico & Ivy and Hot Possum here in Perth and Amitie Textiles and Patchwork on Central Park in Melbourne. Peeps get on over and add some locations. Link.

Happy crafting!

52 weeks of nose

Well here we go peeps. To celebrate 4 years of blogging, 52 weeks of tissue holders just for you. You won’t always have to jump through hoops ;o) for the first one just leave a comment. I’ll close comments sometime in the next few days. Fabric is Lotta Jansdotter. You don’t have to have a blog or have commented before, open to one and all. Good luck!


Thanks everyone!

Quick hello

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence again, seems life’s interrupting blog. Not that I’d ever call Son an interruption! What’s been happening? Well I signed up for my first craft fair, eek! I went through a mushroom crocheting phase following my crush. The smallest mushroom is about 1.5cm tall, the cap is half of a felt bead.


Have you seen Superbuzzy’s redesign by Meomi? It rocks!! Super cute and zakka like. There’s also a blog that I’ll be adding to my reader and quick go buy something, they’re having an awesome competition. Congrats Kelly.

AND did you see the summer 2008 Knitty is out? I’m going to scream here, SEA TANGLES! Just wish Habu was a lot easier to find and buy.

Tomorrow is my four year blog birthday and the start of the 52 week giveaway! Holy monsters. Thanks to those of you that drop by, read and comment and to all you lurkers!

bainbridged her baby

Thanks for the shroom love! I’ve been shrooming up a storm.

Well, sorry, no pictures of the Gastro Guru’s meal….trust me it was DELISH. We all rolled away from the table. Thai chicken curry with coconut rice and roti, followed by waffle, white choc and raspberry pudding!!! Oh and the company was pretty good too. Little Mo has learnt where his head is and had four grown adults squealing with delight everytime he put his hands on his head. He’s such a lovely little dude.

Finished the lady bosses 40th birthday pressie, a Bainbridge scarf. Nice pattern. I used Tilli Thomas’ Disco Lights, possibly could have gone down a needle size to tighten gauge, but overall happy with the end fabric. It drapes beautifully.

This is said lady boss modelling, these were snapped quickly at her morning tea we had today. Details at Ravelry.


And I can’t stop playing Adele’s "Cold Shoulder", what a sultry voice and those eyes! Link.

crushing on you

Hi everyone! Thanks for the acorn love and congrats to Diane, it’ll be flying across to you soon. Yeah, well you know how I mentioned in my last post that I have a crush on Resurrection Fern? Well of course I had to make me some mushrooms. Dug out my scraps of Tana Lawn and got me some itty bitty crochet thread and hooks and here’s what I ended up with. You like? It’s small, about 5cm tall. I’m keeping this one for me I think. These are addictive and I think I’ll be making more. Here’s a link to her tutorial if you want to make your own. Now I just want to figure out how to make one of her itty bitt mushrooms like the necklace and next up some acorn necklaces, going to have to find me some acorns.




Hope you’re all well and happy crafting! Can’t wait for tonight’s Gastro Guru’s dinner!!!

a little nutty….

Well howdy! Thanks for the cro-bot love, he was well received. There’s been crafting, I’m knitting a Bainbridge as a gift out of some yummy Tilli Thomas. I’ll show you once it’s been gifted early next week. I’ve been itching to Gocco, just looking for an excuse really and then I found that Cloth Paper String is hosting another swap, this time the art of the note. Get on over to sign up. Link.


I’ve just finished this crochet acorn. Man I had me some trouble with the lid. I’ve frogged it about 4 flammin’ times and can’t quite get it right…so it’s going to have to stay that way. I’ve lined it with some of the fabric I received from my Amitie club, see previous post. So who’d like it? First to comment "nuts about you" nabs it. I’ll email you after you’ve commented to work out the details.

For those of you interested, I’m micro-blogging most days via Plurk. There’s a widget on my blog that show’s what I’m talking about. Would be good to see some of you crafters on there….if you do, come find me!

Looking forward to the recommencement of Gastro Guru’s this weekend! I was looking through the blog trying to find out when we last did it, it was over 4 years ago! Man a lot has changed since then, would never have thought it possible to be as happy as I am with The Son. She’s up first, looking forward to it. Looking back at the old blog posts I can’t believe how small I used to post pictures!

And finally, a fairly new-to-me blog that I have a sorta blog crush on (as mentioned at whipup), Resurrection Fern. Lovely blog, awesome photography and ideas and lots of sharing. Just seen she’s posted this sweet little fabric snail tutorial. Worth having a dig around her posts, lost of yummy crochet projects as well.

Happy crafting!

Amitie Textiles

These guys are based in Melbourne, they have a bricks and mortar shop in Melbourne and online shopping available worldwide. They also run a VIP Club for Australian’s which costs AUD$25 a year. More information here. The fabric below is what I received for the past quarter. What am I going to do with it? I don’t know yet! It’s two fat quarters. If you guys have any ideas, other than tissue holders :), let me know in the comments and I might make it worth your while. Also, if there are any other Australian fabric or yarn retailers out there that offer clubs like this, drop me a line or leave me a comment.

Amitie Textiles. Link and blog.


Oh and before I forget, a pinch and a punch for the first of the month….NO RETURNS! Ha!