a little nutty….

Well howdy! Thanks for the cro-bot love, he was well received. There’s been crafting, I’m knitting a Bainbridge as a gift out of some yummy Tilli Thomas. I’ll show you once it’s been gifted early next week. I’ve been itching to Gocco, just looking for an excuse really and then I found that Cloth Paper String is hosting another swap, this time the art of the note. Get on over to sign up. Link.


I’ve just finished this crochet acorn. Man I had me some trouble with the lid. I’ve frogged it about 4 flammin’ times and can’t quite get it right…so it’s going to have to stay that way. I’ve lined it with some of the fabric I received from my Amitie club, see previous post. So who’d like it? First to comment "nuts about you" nabs it. I’ll email you after you’ve commented to work out the details.

For those of you interested, I’m micro-blogging most days via Plurk. There’s a widget on my blog that show’s what I’m talking about. Would be good to see some of you crafters on there….if you do, come find me!

Looking forward to the recommencement of Gastro Guru’s this weekend! I was looking through the blog trying to find out when we last did it, it was over 4 years ago! Man a lot has changed since then, would never have thought it possible to be as happy as I am with The Son. She’s up first, looking forward to it. Looking back at the old blog posts I can’t believe how small I used to post pictures!

And finally, a fairly new-to-me blog that I have a sorta blog crush on (as mentioned at whipup), Resurrection Fern. Lovely blog, awesome photography and ideas and lots of sharing. Just seen she’s posted this sweet little fabric snail tutorial. Worth having a dig around her posts, lost of yummy crochet projects as well.

Happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “a little nutty….

  1. craftydiane says:

    I love your “nuts about you” acorn! I think you did a great job on the top! I would have probably given up on it! I would love to have it!


  2. Anna Socrates says:

    Oh, I wish I had seen this a little earlier, I’d love a “nuts to you acorn.” I’d love the directions even though I don’t crochet. No time like the present to learn.


  3. Emma says:

    Your acorn looks great! I actually have made a little crochet acorn too that I’m meaning to post soon, but I might try that pattern as well, so thanks for the link 🙂


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