crushing on you

Hi everyone! Thanks for the acorn love and congrats to Diane, it’ll be flying across to you soon. Yeah, well you know how I mentioned in my last post that I have a crush on Resurrection Fern? Well of course I had to make me some mushrooms. Dug out my scraps of Tana Lawn and got me some itty bitty crochet thread and hooks and here’s what I ended up with. You like? It’s small, about 5cm tall. I’m keeping this one for me I think. These are addictive and I think I’ll be making more. Here’s a link to her tutorial if you want to make your own. Now I just want to figure out how to make one of her itty bitt mushrooms like the necklace and next up some acorn necklaces, going to have to find me some acorns.




Hope you’re all well and happy crafting! Can’t wait for tonight’s Gastro Guru’s dinner!!!

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