52 weeks of nose

Well here we go peeps. To celebrate 4 years of blogging, 52 weeks of tissue holders just for you. You won’t always have to jump through hoops ;o) for the first one just leave a comment. I’ll close comments sometime in the next few days. Fabric is Lotta Jansdotter. You don’t have to have a blog or have commented before, open to one and all. Good luck!


Thanks everyone!

47 thoughts on “52 weeks of nose

  1. denise f in c'ville, va says:

    4 years for you = 4 years of pleasure for the rest of us.
    best wishes for 4 more


  2. Cathy says:

    Congratulation on your four years! I love your blog and have been subscribed for years. Thank you! Cathy in MN


  3. amanda says:

    congrats! I don’t know if I’ve ever left a comment, but I’ve been reading for years. and, let me just say, that is one awesome tissue holder 🙂


  4. Susan says:

    Ha! Fifty-two weeks of nose. Wow. That’s a Lotta nose. Thanks for the offering of generosity. Your work is beautiful, btw.


  5. kittybaroque says:

    Wow, you are AWESOME*
    How could ANYONE resist a piece of Craftapalooza wonderfulness in their life???!!!
    Thank you for bringing us so much joy in our days*


  6. sue says:

    Your tissue holder looks so perfect. Mine never turn out well when I have attempted to make them. Congratulations on 4 years blogging too.


  7. Marga says:

    Happy, happy blogbirthday!!! Thanks to you and people like you, I start my day in a wonderful way: reading awesome blogs with a cup of coffee! I love your crafts! Go on!


  8. Helen says:

    52 weeks is v.ambitious…but then I guess that’s not suprising from one of the creators of back-tack (which got me into the whole blogging thing by the way). Congrats on keeping up such an entertaining blog for all that time.


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