Universal independent fabric and sewing store map

Have I told you guys yet how cool it is to receive all your comment love? Well it is. Makes me all mooshy inside! Thanks for helping kick-off the first week of "52 weeks of nose". Comments are now closed on the post. When I post next weeks 52WofN I’ll announce the winner.


My latest blog crush is Kim’s TrueUp. For those of you that have even a vague interest in textiles/fabric you should be reading this blog. Yep, using the word SHOULD here! I love her Daily Swatch, this week is featuring Birds. There’s also weekly sale alerts each Sunday, and show us your stash, including showing your favourite contemporary fabric and a flickr pool. The reason I was also mentioning TrueUp is Kim’s pointed us to a Google Map that’s been created for sharing the locations of our local independent sewing and fabric shops. I’ve added Calico & Ivy and Hot Possum here in Perth and Amitie Textiles and Patchwork on Central Park in Melbourne. Peeps get on over and add some locations. Link.

Happy crafting!

One thought on “Universal independent fabric and sewing store map

  1. Kathy R says:

    I’m new to your site and was hoping that you could let me know that you had received this so I know I’m posting correctly. Thanks a bunch 🙂


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