craft room peek #1

I was going to call it my craft studio….but that sounded a little wanky! So craft room it is. I keep meaning to post some pictures when it’s tidy, but it never gets completely tidy. I’m always in there playing and messing stuff up. So this is a part peek, excuse some of the mess. There will be more posts coming, including craft storage and how I do it. If you guys have any ideas or pics regarding storage please leave a comment so we can all come and voyeur at your stuff! If you head on over to flickr, there are notations on the pictures.

Thanks for the comments so far on the 2nd Week of Nose giveaway, lots of favourite retailers listed and some *cough* that I might have used. You’ve still got time so tell your friends and spread the word, I know what you crafty types are like, keeping the details close to your chest!

I’m working on a project I can’t post about at the moment and it’s killing me!!! Can’t wait to show you guys. I can let you know I’m using some of Joelle Hoverson’s "Net of Jewels" fabric, same as the solids used in this quilt. It’s the loveliest stuff. Get some quick as they’re not reprinting.

Until next time…happy crafting!!!





20 thoughts on “craft room peek #1

  1. Emma says:

    Your craft room and/or studio looks great! I love seeing people’s studios, hope that doesn’t make me perverted or anything. I like all those knitting needles in that white Ikea(?) pot 😀
    PS. Your top secret project sounds exciting! I hope you can share it soon!


  2. tata says:

    I’m so jealous! I have virtually no room for my crafting supplies. They live in various locations throughout the house. I can’t wait until we have a bigger place!


  3. Heather says:

    I love the green and white flowered bag hanging on the wall. I am in the throws of a jealous fit as I type this : ) Seriously though, I’ve been inspired to clean up my craft space. Mine is a disaster.


  4. caroline says:

    I have delurked to say, I am so glad to have seen the word ‘Wanky’ used in a Blog.
    I do seem to have an image of all bloggers (except me) being slightly virginal and well,y’know, more, the-type-of-girl-your-mother-in-law-had-hoped-for ish, obviously some are human!


  5. orneryswife says:

    what a FUN color! I wish I could paint mine, but since we are planning to sell in a couple of years, the amount of work would not be worth it. I loved the peek into yours, though!


  6. beth says:

    oh wow! love this. wish i could put up shelving, it sucks to be renting for that reason 😉
    and you have the ikea “pod” hanging things, i adore those!


  7. Ness says:

    Hey there! I love that pea green wall, what a colour! do you happen to know what has happened to yarnstorm?? I have been trying to follow links to her blog to read it to no avail. I haven’t read her blog for a while and am returning to catch up but am having no luck, did she move somewhere else?
    thanks, ness


  8. SueB says:

    I LOVE the bright kiwi green w white AND it matches my blog – what a GREAT idea! I’m w/out a special space right now but it’s in the planning stages … thanx for sharing yours!


  9. Debbie Cook says:

    omg. i have to know the name of your green paint!!! that is my absolute favorite color, and i have tried like 3 different shades and they never come out “right” 😦
    LOVE your space! LOVE IT!


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